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DOOM Eternal New Game Plus | Everything we know

DOOM Eternal New Game Plus

DOOM Eternal players are undoubtedly busy slaying demons in the pits of hell. However, at some point, you’ll have defeated all the demons and will be ready for a new challenge. This realization has fans wondering about a DOOM Eternal New Game Plus mode.

Does DOOM Eternal Have a New Game Plus Mode?

DOOM Eternal New Game Plus

Unfortunately, at this time there is no DOOM Eternal New Game Plus. However, the game does offer players multiple modes of difficulty that one can work their way through. So, unless you played on the hardest difficulty your first time through, you can always go back and play again on a harder difficulty.

There are currently four difficulty modes that players can choose from in DOOM Eternal.

  • I’m to Young to Die (Easy)
  • Hurt Me Plenty (Normal)
  • Ultra-Violence (Hard)
  • Nightmare (Very Hard)

Despite not having a true New Game Plus mode, these varying levels of difficulty should still provide loads of fun and a handful of challenges if you’re wanting to work your way through DOOM Eternal one more time.

If you want the hardest challenge the game has to offer, you should start your next playthrough on Nightmare mode. However, we should warn you, it’s pretty tough. In Nightmare mode, enemies will deal maximum damage, and will only allow the player to make a few mistakes if they want to survive.

If you still want a challenge but aren’t ready for Nightmare mode, you should try out Ultra-Violence. In this mode, enemies will attack more frequently and deal more damage, but it won’t be unbearable. If you played through the Hurt Me Plenty mode without too much trouble, you should be equipped enough to give Ultra-Violence a try.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there is no indication from id Software that they will be adding a New Game Plus mode to anytime soon. However, if enough fans ask for it, anything is possible.

Written by Andrew Smith