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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Milk | How to collect milk from cows

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Milk

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is an extensive game, with seemingly endless possibilities in terms of crafting and construction. With it being slated for a PC release this December, we’re exploring and explaining more parts of the game. For instance, how do you get Dragon Quest Builders 2 milk? Where does milk come from? How do you get milk? Find out here, in our how to get milk guide. 

How to Collect Dragon Quest Builders 2 Milk

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Milk

Ridiculous questions aside, everyone’s surely sure that milk comes from cows. Dragon Quest Builders 2 milk does as well. What’s not so apparent is how to milk the in-game cows, and what to use when milking them. 

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First things first, to get milk in Dragon Quest Builders 2, you’ll need a cow to extract milk from. This is best done with a tame cow already on your farm but can be done on untame ones with varying levels of success. After you’ve found a cow, it’s time to get milking. 

You’ll need something to hold the milk with though. For that, you’ll need your watering jug. Get your watering jug equipped onto your person, and interact with the cow. After doing so, you should have three bottles of freshly squeezed milk in your inventory. 

Now that you know how to collect milk from cows, you can begin exploring the many new recipes that it unlocks. For a more comprehensive list of food items, check out our DQB2 food recipes guide

There are some other small things to note when milking cows in Dragon Quest Builders 2. You should have a filled water jug before trying to milk a cow. After successfully milking it, the water jug will be empty and in need of a refill. With all of that in mind, have fun making all kinds of lactose filled recipes!

Written by Andrew Smith