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Dragon Quest Treasures Dormitory City | How to Complete

Dragon Quest Treasures Dormitory City! - How to Complete

There are quite a few quests in Dragon Quest Treasures that offer you the chance to expand your base. Some of these quests will add new mechanics, like pellet crafting or cooking. Others have more passive bonuses, such as the line of dormitory quests from Miss Cecily. The final dormitory quest, Dormitory City, requires a few steps to complete but is more than worth it. Finishing it will raise the number of monsters you can have in your base from 24 to 32. This greatly increases your odds of not just having a powerful squad, but having enough variety to maximize your Golden Ratio when dispatching monsters.

How to Complete Dormitory City in Dragon Quest Treasures

How to Complete Dormitory City! in Dragon Quest Treasures

Your first step toward completing Dormitory City will be collecting five Magic Beast Horns. These can be obtained in two ways. The first method is by lucking out on dispatch missions. Monster teams you’ve dispatched will sometimes come back with a couple of Magic Beast Horns. Usually, they’ll be a potential reward if dispatch monsters to the Redscale Rise Area of Cinderback Ridge.

The more reliable way of obtaining Magic Beast Horns is by good ol’ fashioned grinding. Gigantes will drop Magic Beast Horns when slain. While the drop rate isn’t terrific, they certainly aren’t impossible to get.

It just takes a little bit of dedication. Gigantes can most reliably be found in the Windswept Moors. Fast travel to the Swoopswamp and then head to where you first encountered Madame Blancmange. To the northwest of her is the Proudplume Plains, which Gigantes roam very frequently.

Next, Miss Cecily asks you to get her a Hunter Mech to help with the renovations. Hunter Mechs aren’t terribly difficult to find, but scouting one for recruitment puts you at the mercy of the game’s RNG.

These killer robots reside in The Maneland, between Heartland Lake and Scruffneck Quarry. Keep in mind that you’ll only find them at nighttime. Be sure to rest at a campfire to get the time of day right. Hunter Mechs also have a habit of hiding underground until you’re near, so stay on your toes and comb everywhere to find one.

Once you finish collecting the Magic Beast Horns, you’ll be well on your way to completing the Dormitory City quest.

Written by Andrew Smith