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Dragon Quest Treasures | Understanding the Golden Ratio

Dragon Quest Treasures - Understanding the Golden Ratio

Dragon Quest Treasures doesn’t make treasure hunting an easy experience. You’ll need to work hard to uncover the rarest of treasures hiding across Draconia. In order to do that, you’ll need to make full use of the game’s Golden Ratio mechanic. It’s invaluable for finding the best loot possible. If you’re confused about the Golden Ratio, read on for an explanation.

Understanding the Golden Ratio in Dragon Quest Treasures

Understanding the Golden Ratio in Dragon Quest Treasures

The Golden Ratio represents how easy it will be for you and your monsters to find treasure on an island. Before departing, check the Treasure Forecast on the map screen. Purrsula and Porcus will give you insight on the types of treasure currently available on each island. If your party’s favorite treasures match the info of the Treasure Forecast, your Golden Ratio percentage will increase.

Above, you can see that my party has a 100% Golden Ratio for The Paternoggin. Two of the beginning story monsters, Oozabella and Goonther, each have two favorite treasures. Oozabella likes Armour I and Key Items, whereas Goonther likes Weapons and Armour II. Meanwhile, my Draky also likes Armour I. All four of those treasures were forecasted for The Paternoggin, meaning I maxed out the Golden Ratio.

But if I took this exact same party into another island, my Golden Ratio percentage would be lower. You can quickly swap the monsters in your party before leaving your base. However, party composition presents you with a big conundrum: Do you prioritize your monsters or your Golden Ratio?

Because you can only have three monsters at a time, you won’t have access to all five Forte skills at once. You might have just one monster with the Sprint Forte and want to bring it along for its speed. But what if that monster’s favorite treasure doesn’t align with the Golden Ratio? Or, what if the monsters that do align with the Ratio are too low-leveled?

You’ll have to think carefully about what’s more important to you on that particular expedition. That’s why it’s essential to recruit a wide variety of monsters. Favorite treasures will vary between monsters, as will their combat prowess.

Written by Andrew Smith