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Dying Light 2 Wall Run | How to Unlock

Dying Light 2 Wallrunning - How to Wall Run

The City is a horrifying place, but is rather entertaining to parkour through. Dying Light 2 takes the great movement options from amazing first-person parkour games and zombifies them. However, our intrepid survivor could sharpen up their parkour skills a bit. Aiden is pretty good at the basics, don’t get me wrong! However, if you want to traverse the whole Dying Light 2 city, you’ll need wallrunning. It gives you so much mobility across any building, and some parkour puzzles will require it. So, if you find yourself without the ability to run across walls, we can help you!

How to Unlock Wall Run Skill in Dying Light 2

How to Unlock Wall Run in Dying Light 2

To unlock wall running in Dying Light 2, you need to use Parkour Points to unlock the “Tic Tac” ability. This ability will let you run across vertical surfaces for a few moments. You’ll also need 160 Stamina and the “High Jump” skill if you want to wall run.

Learning how to use the Tic Tac wall run skill involves a bit of finesse. You’ll want to approach the wall at an angle, then hold the jump button prior to making contact. Done correctly, you’ll run across the wall momentarily before dropping back toward the ground.

Beyond that, you simply need to unlock the correct skill. If you want to farm Parkour Points, then you have quite a few options. Your first is to just move across the city as you normally do in a Dying Light game. If you just parkour around the city, you will passively generate points. You will gain more points from completing parkour challenges and quests, which are in specific areas. If you are doing quests and checking out waypoints, you’ll be well on your way.

Once you get Tic Tac, you can keep going down the tree. Wall Run, Wall Run Jump, and Wall Combo all advance your vertical movement. These will require the previous skill and more stamina. Stamina grows naturally as you find inhibitors. Be sure to choose carefully between Stamina and health, since health is needed for some abilities.

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Written by Andrew Smith