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Elden Ring Item Trade | How to Give To Other Players

Elden Ring Item Trade Guide - How to Give To Other Players

Multiplayer in Elden Ring is much more restrictive than in other online games. There is a limited amount of friends, foes, and even space where you can complete objectives. There is one thing that is pretty rare for co-op games, however, and that is gifts! You can gift items to other players in Elden Ring, and plenty of people appreciate the pick-me-up that item trade can provide. However, it’s not as simple as just dropping items for other players — further restrictions apply. Here’s a look at how to trade items as well as how to drop gear, Runes, and other consumables for other players.

How to Give Items To Other Players in Elden Ring

How to Give Items To Other Players in Elden Ring

In order to give items and equipment to someone in Elden Ring, you’ll need to first connect to a multiplayer match against either a friend or a foe. Once you have someone else in your game, you can trade an item by selecting it in your inventory and using the “Leave” command. This option will drop the chosen items on the floor and allow your multiplayer companion to pick them up.

So far, the only things that can be traded include:

  • Weapons (of a level that the receiving player currently owns or lower)
  • Armor
  • Consumable Runes (Golden, Hero’s, Numen’s, Lord’s)
  • Basic Consumables
  • Crafting materials (not upgrade materials)
  • Ashes of War
  • Talismans

You cannot trade magic spells, Crystal Tears, Great Runes, Spirit Ashes, or permanent upgrades like pots or perfume bottles.

Assuming the item is eligible for trade, simply select it in the inventory, then choose the “Leave” option. This will drop it on the ground, and the other player will see it glowing with a gold hue. Even better, you can drop entire stacks of items if you so choose.

However, if you dropped a weapon specifically and your friend can’t see it, make sure that they have a weapon that is the same upgrade level. For instance, if you drop a +2 Lordsworn Longsword for someone who has no upgraded weapons, they will be unable to see it. They need to have at least a +2 weapon to be able to pick it up. Alternatively, if you drop a +5 Sword of Night and Flame, the recipient needs at least a +5 Somber Stone weapon in order to accept it.

Communicate with your friend to make sure item trade works for both players. Otherwise, remember that people can pick up Talismans… And you will have to start another run if you want to get the Talisman back!

Written by Andrew Smith