Where To Find Aloe in Enshrouded

Cutting Aloe down in Enshrouded
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There’s a large variety of different supplies available in Enshrouded, including Aloe, which all serve unique purposes throughout the game. While some materials are more important than others, many aren’t used as frequently as you progress through the game, meaning there are even more resources that you’ll have to hoard down the line.

Of course, sometimes even the basic materials can seem challenging to locate. If you want to know where to find Aloe in Enshrouded and what it’s used for, this guide will explain everything you need to know.

Where To Find Aloe in Enshrouded

Aloe in inventory in Enshrouded
Image Credit: Keen Games GmbH.

Aloe is a large, spiky green plant found throughout the Nomad Highlands in Enshrouded. To harvest it, you need to use a Felling Axe and cut it down the same way you would fell a tree.

Also scattered around the world are brown Aloe plants. Unfortunately, harvesting these will not yield Aloe. Instead, they will yield Plant Fibers, which are equally useful in other applications.

Once you’ve harvested Aloe, depending on how far you are through the game, you can work towards growing your own Aloe. To grow your own Aloe, you’ll need four specific ingredients:

  • 1x Aloe
  • 1x Sand
  • 1x Water
  • 1x Nitrate

How To Use Aloe in Enshrouded

Aloe in Enshrouded
Image Credit: Keen Games GmbH.

Aloe has multiple purposes in Enshrouded, most of which revolve around healing or cleansing items. For example, you can use Aloe with the Alchemist to craft healing potions, Eternal Heal channels, and Antiseptic. This means Aloe is incredibly useful for the later game, where you will find yourself taking damage from enemies that may hit incredibly hard.

The healing potions that you can craft with Aloe are fantastic and will give you a good amount of healing. Make sure to stock up on Aloe so that you never run out of ways to heal yourself, as bandages won’t always be enough.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find Aloe and how to use it in Enshrouded. Good luck!

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