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Fire Emblem Engage SP | Best Ways to Farm

Fire Emblem Engage SP - Best Ways to Farm

Fire Emblem Engage is fairly unique in the Fire Emblem franchise. It actually takes a handful of mechanics from the popular Fire Emblem Heroes mobile game, including several random collection mechanics. One mechanic that was grandfathered over to Engage is called SP. Skill Points are really important in Fire Emblem Engage, as they’re the fastest way to customize every unit to your specifications. However, they can be very hard to collect. If you want as much SP as possible, here are a few tips to help you out.

Best Ways to Get SP in Fire Emblem Engage

Best Ways to Get SP in Fire Emblem Engage

SP in Fire Emblem Engage is normally given to characters who fight while equipping Emblem Rings. Characters get more SP from using Engage Attacks during combat, with a lot of SP being rewarded to characters who cast Micaiah’s Great Sacrifice. Characters that attack or kill a Silver Corrupted enemy will gain additional SP as well. Otherwise, the amount of SP you collect will increase over the course of the campaign.

Skill Points are genuinely difficult to farm. The most consistent way that you can collect them is to ensure that your unit is equipped with Micaiah’s Emblem Ring. Great Sacrifice grants a massive amount of Experience and SP to whoever casts it. Because it is a map-wide heal, you get credit for all allies that you restore. But, all Engage Attacks grant more SP than just performing basic actions.

No matter what, though, make sure every character you bring to combat has some kind of Ring equipped! Even if it isn’t an Emblem with a Bond score, you’ll still get more SP than if you’re not equipped at all.

Silver Corrupted enemies appear in Skirmishes from time to time, and these are SP gold mines! Whoever attacks and kills these guys will get a big helping of SP. So, get chip with other characters first, then grant the kill to whoever needs it the most.

Otherwise, don’t forget to do Standard Training at Somniel! Doing so will provide some SP to each character.

Written by Andrew Smith