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Forspoken Dead Man’s Ledge Mutants | How to Defeat

Forspoken Dead Man’s Ledge Mutants - How to Defeat

One of the largest side activities in Forspoken is hunting mutants. These tough boss battles are scattered all across the lands of Athia. Each fight against a mutant will put your combat skills to the test. That’s why it’s best to save these fights until you’ve beaten the main game. If you’ve having trouble with the mutant in the Dead Man’s Ledge area of Forspoken, read on below for some tips on how to defeat it.

How to Defeat Dead Man’s Ledge Mutants in Forspoken

How to Defeat Dead Man's Ledge Mutants in Forspoken

Altered Ilingoceros is the only mutant located in the Dead Man’s Ledge area of Forspoken. It’s immune to the Tangled, Imprisoned, Confused, and Stopped status effects. The Altered Ilingoceros is resistant to Olas’ green magic and highly resistant to Frey’s purple magic. Solas’ red magic is effective, but your best bet is using Prav’s blue magic.

Its main attack charges directly at Frey like a bull and fling up spikes of shattered earth in a straight line. You can expect to take a good chunk of damage if it connects. Cushion the effects of this attack by casting Alb if you’ve unlocked it. If you haven’t, briefly switch to purple magic to cast Screen. This attack is very choreographed so it should be easy to dodge so long as you pay attention.

When it comes to dealing damage, you’ll mainly want to stick to Chain Bolt. It hits the heaviest out of all three blue magic attack spells and can be charged very quickly. Poisoning the Altered Ilingoceros with Naedre is useful, as it deals continuous damage over time. You can also switch to red magic just to throw up a Crucible or cast Fusillade. Whenever your Surge Magic is charged, cast Cataract. This spell is especially powerful if you’ve upgraded it past its initial starting level.

What you’ll really need to be on the lookout for is this mutant’s unblockable attack. It will periodically leap into the air and come crashing down at full force. This does a considerable amount of damage to your health, so you need to avoid it at all costs. Use Spoof or Skip if either are available to ensure you won’t get hit.

Written by Andrew Smith