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Genshin Impact Multiplayer | How to Play with Friends

Genshin Impact Play with Friends

Not only is Genshin Impact a free, open-world RPG with cross-platform saving (unless you’re on PS4), but it is also a multiplayer game! That’s right, you can easily play Genshin Impact with friends, even if they’re on a different platform. However, since it doesn’t have a launcher with friend systems, things can get a little dicey when trying to figure out how to play with friends. So, if you want to play Genshin Impact’s multiplayer mode, follow this guide!

How to Play Genshin Impact Multiplayer with Friends

In order to play Genshin Impact with friends, you must reach Adventure Rank 16, which will require a few hours of grinding. Adventure Ranks are shared across all characters and is separate from your character level. Once you reach Adventure Rank 16, open your menu and select friends. You can add another player to your friend’s list by using the UID number in the bottom right of the friend screen.

If you haven’t reached the necessary level yet, Adventure Rank is best obtained by completing quests. Specifically, you’ll want to focus on the main quests for a while, since it will give you extra items to use in the game. However, eventually you may want to switch to sidequests that can be done quickly. If you follow this method, you should get to Rank 16 pretty quickly.

There are a few ticks with multiplayer, however. First, you can only have a party of four. That’s fairly normal though and four players are already plenty. Additionally, you can always have rotating parties if you need to. More annoyingly, you can’t grind main quests with friends. That’s exclusively solo content, so you’re just doing sidequests with buds.

This should still be loads of fun though since you can fight bosses and such with your pals. But, you can’t loot chests, pick up specific items, or make offerings to statues… so, a bit of a drag if you’re not the host.

While you’re waiting for your friends to join your game, be sure to check out some of our other Genshin Impact guides.

Written by Andrew Smith