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Genshin Impact Small Lamp Grass Location | Where to Find

Where to find small lamp grass in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact seems to have no end of obtainable resources spread across the map. Small Lamp Grass is no different! As a significant part of Mondstadt’s area design, Small Lamp Grass is both pretty and functional. However, if you ever want to complete Mondstadt characters’ evolutions, you’ll need to locate as much as you can. Check out where this little weed can be found in this quick guide.

Where to Find Small Lamp Grass in Genshin Impact

Where to find small lamp grass location

You can find Small Lamp Grass in Mondstadt, northeast of Wolvendom or east of Windrise, within the Whispering Woods. They glow slightly after 19:00, which can make them significantly easier to locate across the ground. Collecting a bunch of these will get you plenty of cooking ingredients, or allow you to upgrade Amber, Diluc, or Fischl.

These aren’t too hard to farm once you’ve seen them near Wolvendom and in the Whispering Woods. They tend to grow in clusters near each other. If you’re having trouble spotting them, make sure you’re searching for them at night. They’re both easier to see, and are probably more likely to spawn.

The grass is used in four cooking recipes: Once Upon a Time In Mondstadt, Pile ‘Em Up, Sunshine Sprat, and Woodland Dream. Once Upon a Time In Mondstadt and Pile ‘Em Up are both critical hit foods, with the former being Diluc’s special recipe (and a dang good one). Sunshine Sprat is good for boosting Shield Strength, while Albedo can make Woodland Dream instead, which is a massive boost to Shield Strength. All of these recipes only require one Small Lamp Grass each; the rest of the recipe tends to be a little more important, and plentiful.

Perhaps more importantly, you use this Small Lamp Grass to upgrade Amber, Diluc, and Fischl. Each of them need 168 in total, which can be a ridiculous grind. However, it’s a small price to pay for a fully ascended Diluc, who is a fantastic 5-star unit to play with!

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Written by Andrew Smith