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Goat Simulator 3 Missing Rosie | Where to Find

Goat Simulator 3 Missing Rosie - Where to Find

In Goat Simulator 3, we are the animal known around town for being mischievous and causing problems. We’re surprised we haven’t already been imprisoned in San Angora Zoo! Either way, we’d jailbreak our way out in no time. However, it appears that we are not the only animals capable of doing so. If you’ve recently visited the zoo, you’ll notice another curious animal, an albino rhino named Rosie, has also escaped. This is causing quite a stir in town, and it looks like we’ll have to come to the rescue once again. So, read on to figure out where you can find Rosie the albino rhino!

Where to Find Missing Rosie in Goat Simulator 3

Where to Find Missing Rosie in Goat Simulator 3

The Missing: Rosie challenge starts in Goat Simulator 3 when you head over to Rosie’s pen in the zoo. You’ll notice the pen has broken open and some zoo keepers are working to solve the mystery. As soon as you jump into the pen, you’ll start the mission and find the very apparent first clue. This is none other than Rosie’s rhino droppings from dinner. You’ll find some in the pen and out front where the wall has been broken. Look closely, and you’ll see even on the street just ahead of you.

That’s right, though Rosie did make a great escape, but her flatulence has left a breadcrumb trail of her own feces for us to follow. It’s convenient for us, but also kind of gross. Follow this poop out onto the road and then take a right into the parking lot to find some more. Head up the wooden palate and keep following the dung trail up the hill till you’ve reached the yellow ladder. Once you head up this yellow ladder, just to the left you’ll notice some poachers have caaptured Rosie.

They’re kicking her in the cage, so we and everybody else give you full range to deal with them as you will. We suggest headbutting them off the cliff, but the choice is yours. Now, all you have to do is lick and drag Rosie all the way back to her pen. Once you’ve brought her back, you’ll complete the Missing: Rosie mission and unlock the Angry Goat gear. This will let you turn into an albino Rhino and cause the city more destruction.

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Written by Andrew Smith