God of War Chaos Flame | How to get Chaos Flame

God of War Chaos Flame

One of the main weapons in God of War is Kratos’ Blades of Chaos. These are some big ole blades that Kratos carries around to decimate his enemies. While already powerful, they can become even more dangerous when they are upgraded with Chaos Flame. This is a valuable and rare resource that can be used to upgrade your Blades four different times throughout the game, giving them more and more power after each upgrade. So, how do you get the God of War Chaos Flame item?

God of War Chaos Flame | Chaos Flame locations

As we mentioned above, the Chaos Flame can be used to upgrade your Blades of Chaos four different times in God of War. This means that you’ll need to find the four Chaos Flame locations while you’re playing so that you don’t pass them by. Below, you’ll find sections addressing each of the God of War Chaos Flame locations.

Location 1: Defeat the Bridgekeeper

You’ll find the first Chaos Flame fairly early on in the game after you face the Bridgekeeper boss. You’ll come across this boss while you are trying to get the ingredient that Feya needs to save Atreus after Magni and Modi injure him.

God of War Chaos Flame

You’ll be taking on the Bridgekeeper as a natural part of the story, so you’d likely pick up the first God of War Chaos Flame without even realizing it. If for some reason you already fought the Bridgekeeper and didn’t pick up the Chaos Flame, it should eventually show up in the shop.

Location 2: Defeat the Grendel Trolls

As you continue along your journey, you’ll eventually end up fighting two Trolls. One Troll is known as the Grendel of the Ashes while the other is known as Grendel of the Frost. You’ll come across these guys at the end of the “The Black Rune” storyline, which is about halfway through the game.

God of War Chaos Flame

As you’re fighting the Grendel’s, you’re going to want to note their weaknesses. The Grendel of Ashes is weak to the Leviathan Axe and the Grendel of Frost is weak to the Chaos Blades. So, keep that in mind while you’re fighting the troll-like beasts.

Once you finish fighting them, you’ll be able to pick up their loot. One of those items is the second Chaos Flame, which you can use to make your Blades even stronger.

Location 3: Defeat the Hel-Traveler

The next God of War Chaos Flame location can be found a few storylines later when players are tasked with escaping Helheim. Pretty quickly into the quest, players will run into the Hel-Traveler and let me tell you, this guy is a beast.

God of War Chaos Flame

The key to defeating the Hel-Traveler is going to be lots of well-timed dodges and blocks, in addition to Atreus’ arrows. The Hel-Traveler uses a powerful sword, so getting close will be difficult. This is why you’ll need to actively use Atreus’ arrows.

Eventually, you’ll take down the Hel-Traveler. Upon defeat, he will drop the third Chaos Flame. Now that you’ve found this one, you’ll just need to track down the fourth and final Chaos Flame.

Location 4:  Complete the Muspelheim Realm

The fourth and final Chaos Flame location is a bit tricky to find, as you won’t come across it as part of the main story. In order to get to the fourth Chaos Flame, you’re going to need to find Muspelheim Cipher Pieces to unlock the Muspelheim Realm. We are not going to go over that here, but IGN has a really good guide on it if you need help.

God of War Chaos Flame

Once you’ve found all of the cipher pieces, you’ll unlock the Muspelheim Realm and will subsequently be introduced to the Muspelheim Trials. You’re going to need to complete the trials and climb to the top of the mountain if you want to get the fourth Chaos Flame.

After completing a handful of challenges, you’ll eventually face off against a Valkeryie. Defeating it will be no easy task, but with some practice and preparation, you’ll be able to take it down. In fact, our friends at Polygon have put together a great guide that will show you how to defeat it.

Once the Valkyrie is no more, you’ll be able to pick up an item that it dropped called the Raging Inferno of Muspelheim. This will be the key to getting the fourth God of War Chaos Flame.

After picking it up, you’re going to need head back to the blacksmith once you finish up at the Muspelheim Arena and use it as a bartering chip. You can trade the Raging Inferno of Muspelheim for the fourth and final Chaos Flame with the blacksmith to complete your collection.

This will wrap up all four of the God of War Chaos Flame location! Kratos will now be even more powerful, who knew that was possible?

Written by Andrew Smith