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Grounded Floor Recipe | How to Make a Floor

Grounded Floor Recipe

There are a lot of areas to explore and things to craft in Obsidian’s latest title GroundedPerhaps one of the more important building materials is the floor recipe, which will be required to make a floor in your home base camp. Unfortunately, figuring out how to get the recipe is a bit confusing, so we are here to help.

How to Make a Floor in Grounded

To get the floor recipe in Grounded, you’ll need to complete the beginning missions which will revolve around you stopping the laser’s power drain. After you make your way through the mission, you’ll be able to explore the explosion site and will find a BURG.L robot who will teach you how to make a floor. Further, in the steps below, we will explain exactly how to get the floor recipe.

  1. Complete the laser quests through the explosion
  2. Investigate the explosion site and look for a secret lab at the tree
  3. Head inside until you find a BURG.L robot
  4. Pick up the “Grassland BURG.L chip” next to the robot
  5. Speak to the bot and select option four, “I found a BURG.L chip”
  6. Select “Continue” and then “I’ll trade you some raw science”
  7. Choose “Multi-Story Bases”

After following these steps, the BURG.L bot will teach you how to make regular floor tiles and triangle tiles. To actually make a floor in Grounded you’ll need Grass Planks. You can harvest these from most any blade of grass, so you shouldn’t have much trouble collecting as many as you’ll need. If you want to make a triangle floor, you’ll need two planks and if you want to make a larger floor tile or a roof piece, you’ll need four grass planks.

When you’ve gathered up enough materials, you can take them back to your camp and begin getting your house setup. It’ll be important to have a good, safe place to lay your head at night because you never know who or what will come around at night!

Written by Andrew Smith