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Valheim Map Seed Viewer | How to Reveal Maps

Valheim Map Seed Viewer - How to Reveal Maps

The world of Valheim is deceptively big. Even though the game is still in early access, its map sizes are already tremendous. However, since important items and resources are locked into specific biomes, many players feel like they don’t know where they should go next. Luckily, it’s now possible to reveal your Valheim map without having to resort to cheats or the debug menu. Here’s how to show the entire Valheim map by using web-based map seed viewers.

How to Reveal Valheim Maps with Map Seed Viewer

How to reveal Valheim maps with map seed viewer

If you want to reveal your Valheim map without using cheats, check out the map seed viewer by wd40bomber7. It’s a Unity-run website which will generate an image of your in-game world. Simply enter a seed, then adjust settings to reveal the locations of items, dungeons, treasures, and boss spawns. This is a great tool for cartographers, boss-rushers, speedrunners, and others!

If you’re wondering what your world seed looks like in particular, you can find your seed by heading to the world selection and looking to the right side. After “Seed:” is the code you put in to generate your world, both in-game and for the viewer. This code can also be replicated by any other player who enters it, so if you have a good seed, feel free to share it with others to allow them to explore your realm!

If you choose to check out some locations, then go right ahead! You can see dungeon spawns, boss altars, and even the location of the merchant Haldor. Only the first Haldor location will spawn the guy, though.

Some warnings, however: This website can be taxing on your internet browser. Make sure your computer or browser isn’t going to overload or anything like that, since this website does need to load a decent amount of information on it. If it’s running slowly, try lowing the render resolution.

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Written by Andrew Smith