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Horizon Forbidden West Apex Thunderjaw | How to Beat

Horizon Forbidden West Apex Thunderjaw How to Beat

Facing dangerous machines in Horizon Forbidden West is part of the experience. During the game, the fights escalate. From the medium size triceratops Grimhorn to the giant mammoth Tremortusk, this game always has something bigger in store for you. In Chapter 13, you need to face the Apex Thunderjaw boss. This machine shoots lasers from its mouth or uses its own body to attack you. But this fight might be easier than you thought!

How to Beat an Apex Thunderjaw in Horizon Forbidden West

How to beat the Thunderjaw boss in Horizon Forbidden West

To beat the Apex Thunderjaw in Horizon Forbidden West, you simply need to aim for its weak spots on its back, head, tail, and the cannons on its side. It has a variety of attacks that cover a large area, so pay attention to where it is aiming. Get some distance and try to attack it with Acid damage.

You need to face the Apex Thunderjaw, a Level 48 machine, during the quest “Faro’s Tomb.” This is a boss that seems worse than it truly is because of its size. However, if you focus on shooting some of the parts that are used to attack you, this fight will work just fine. Keep in mind that it is strong against most elements (Fire, Frost, Shock, Purgewater, and Plasma). So your main weapon against it is Acid damage, but if you have some tear damage with you, it is good to take out Apex Thunderjaw’s parts.

Now on the boss weak spots, there are at least five you can start the fight targeting. Some are easier to hit than others but keep all of them as viable options. The first is right on its back, a rectangular part. On the left and right side of it, there is a type of canon which is a good weak spot too.

Apex Thunderjaw uses this weapon to shoot discs that after some time hit the ground. The boss also has a sort of energy machine gun at the right side of its head which you can destroy too. Besides these, the boss head and tail are two other points you can hit to deal a lot of damage.

Even though this is not an extremely hard fight, be aware of the boss’s attacks. In addition to the discs and the machine gun attacks, the Apex Thunderjaw runs in your direction to deliver a body attack or can shoot a frontal cone of lasers. So, try to work around these attacks, looking for positions where it would be difficult for it to hit you.

Written by Andrew Smith