How to Juggle in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

How to Juggle in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is one of the most diverse fighting games of all time. With Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses joining the fight on January 28, there are 75 characters to choose from, each with unique moves and attacks. However, one of the more common combos allows players to juggle — so, here is how to juggle in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

How to Juggle in Super Smash Bros Ultimate | Best characters

How to Juggle in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

No matter what character you choose, there’s always a combo that comes with them. Even something as simple as juggling is considered a combo. If you’re new to the world of Smash Ultimate, you might be wondering what juggling is and how to do it.

In Super Smash Bros Ultimate, juggling is when you keep your opponent in the air during a combo. How long you’re able to juggle depends on the character you’re using. Additionally, some characters like Mario and Pikachu, are able to juggle longer than others.

To give you a better understanding, here are some of the best characters to juggle with in Super Smash Bros Ultimate:

  • Mario – Up-Throw, Down-Air, Up-Air or Down-Throw, Up-Air, Up-Air, Up-B
  • Pikachu – Up-Tilt, Up-Tilt, Up-Tilt, Neutral-Air or Down-Throw, Up-Air, Up-Air, Back-Air
  • Kirby – Forward Throw, Forward-Air, Forward-Air or Up-Tilt, Up-Tilt, Up-Tilt, Back-Air
  • Corrin – Down-Tilt, Up-Tilt, Up-Tilt, Up-Air or Forward-Air, Forward-Air, Up-Air

Juggling is very simple to do, but one thing that you need to remember is that some characters can escape easier than others. For heavy characters, juggling is their worst nightmare, but for lighter and smaller characters, they can either fall out of the combo or won’t be able to be land the combo due to their smaller hitbox.

Knowing how to juggle in Super Smash Bros Ultimate is important for any player, regardless if they’re new or a professional. The characters listed above are among some of the easiest to learn how to juggle with, so try out a few different ones and see what you think.

Written by Andrew Smith