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How to Transform in Nioh 2 | Yokai Shift Transformations

How to Transform in Nioh 2

As another “Souls” styled game, you will want whatever edge you can get in Nioh 2. One of the best ways to gain that advantage and prevent your viscera from being used to redecorate the scenery is to transform into a monster. In Nioh 2, you can transform by using a Yokai Shift (Monster/Spirit Shift) and allow one of your Guardian Spirits to temporarily possess you. Here’s how to transform in Nioh 2 using the Yokai Shift.

Nioh 2 Transformation | How to use Yokai Shift

How to Transform in Nioh 2

Unlike in The Exorcist, transforming in Nioh 2 allows you to unleash a barrage of special attacks and techniques while boosting some of your base stats and abilities. Guess there are perks to being a half-demon or whatever — who would’ve guessed?

If you haven’t button-mashed your way to figuring out the Yokai Shift transformation or you missed the tutorial, we have you covered.

First, let’s look at the transformation requirements:

In order to perform a Yokai Shift transformation in Nioh 2, you must have filled your Amrita Gauge, which you can see here to the left of your Life and Ki meters. In order to gather the requisite Amrita, well, you could probably just sneeze and gain some. The game has an abundant number of sources to gather this EXP equivalent, from opening chests and smashing containers to mission rewards and simply slaughtering enemies.

Once that gauge fills and starts pulsing, go ahead and press triangle and circle simultaneously on your PlayStation 4 controller. With a flash of light, a Guardian Spirit will leap from your body and then dive back in, causing your form to erupt with power and physical alterations. The cosmetic and stat changes depend upon which spirit you currently have equipped and the resulting forms (Brute, Feral, or Phantom) each have their own special abilities and perks.

A consistency between them is that, while transformed, the Yokai Shift Gauge will replace your Health and Ki gauges. Yup, that means that any damage you receive will not affect your Health and Ki, but instead deplete your Shift Gauge. Furthermore, your melee damage increases while absorbing more Amrita into your weapon can expand attacks’ areas of effect. Unfortunately, the Yokai Shift Gauge continually depletes after activation. While collecting Amrita can prolong the experience, overall, Nioh 2’s Yokai Shift transformation is a short-lived boon. Enjoy it while it lasts.

So if you’re wondering how to transform in Nioh 2, allow us to recap in a few quick steps.

  1. Fill your Amrita Gauge by opening containers, defeating enemies, and completing missions
  2. Once you’ve filled the gauge, press triangle and circle at the same time on your controller to activate the Yokai Shift transformation
  3. Collect Amrita while transformed to prolong it
  4. Wreak as much havoc as possible until your Yokai Shift Gauge has been completely drained.

Now that you know how to activate the Yokai Shift transformation in Nioh 2, get out there and wreak some havoc!

Written by Andrew Smith