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How to Unlock Otter in Modern Warfare

How to Unlock Otter in Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare carries many of the same aspects of previous CoD games. There are seemingly endless unlocks, varied weapons, and dozens upon dozens of cosmetic options. Most notably though, Modern Warfare players are free to choose their own Operator. Operators are pretty much character options for online matches, and they’re unlocked through Spec Ops missions. Many are wondering how to unlock Otter in Modern Warfare, and we’re about to find out how right here.

How to Unlock Otter in Modern Warfare

How to Unlock Otter in Modern Warfare

There are several different Operators available for unlocking in Modern Warfare, and Otter is among them. A former member of the Special Air Service, he’s tempting to use in online matches — getting him isn’t an easy feat though. With that in mind, here’s how to unlock Otter in Modern Warfare

Like other Operators, Otter is unlocked through completing Spec Ops missions. More specifically, you’ll need to complete the Operation Crosswind mission in Spec Ops. For best results, it’s better to play with friends over other random players, but not necessary. 

There are five parts to the Operation Crosswind mission, and they are as follows: 

    1. Disrupt Rooftop Army Comms
    2. Disrupt Main Terminal Comms
    3. Infiltrate the Enemy Plane
    4. Get the Nuclear Core
    5. Escape

The first two parts of the mission are simple enough. They involve getting to the airport rooftop and main terminal, triggering a disruption, and defending the point for a short time. The best play here is for each player to remain in cover on the point. 

Step three is also fairly straightforward. It’s essentially a mad dash to the plane. The most difficult part here is the swarm of Juggernauts in the way. Rather than trying to kill all of them, it’s quicker to kill a few and keep moving. 

Getting the Core is where things can get a little more challenging. Be sure to save a few stun grenades for this segment, as there will be several Juggernauts in tight spaces. 

Lastly, you’ll need to escape. This is done easily enough, there will be a single Juggernaut in the way. Dodge and weave around him, and reach the exit point. With that done, you’ll have unlocked the Modern Warfare Otter Operator. 

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Written by Andrew Smith