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Mario Party Superstars Bonus Stars | What Do They Do?

It’s been known in the Mario Party series that winning isn’t everything, and Mario Party Superstars is no exception. Not in a poetic way, however; with Bonus Stars, the losing players will have an edge once the overall match comes to a close. So what exactly are they in this new entry in the series? We’ve listed down all the possible Bonus Stars you can be rewarded within Mario Party Superstars.

What Are Bonus Stars in Mario Party Superstars?

Mario Party Superstars How They Work and Settings

In a nutshell, Bonus Stars are post-game rewards that are given based on a player’s performance during a game. It’s easy to not keep these rewards in mind since everyone will have their eyes on the available Star on the current board. So, the Bonus ones will be handed out afterward during an award ceremony.

The default setting for these will feature nine different rewards that vary in how the game progressed for every player. The following Bonus Stars are as follows:

  • Bowser Space Bonus – Given to whoever landed on the most Bowser Spaces
  • Eventful Bonus – Awarded to whoever landed on the most Event Spaces
  • Item Bonus – Given to the player who used the most Items in the match
  • Minigame Bonus – Rewarded to the player who achieved first place the most in minigames
  • Rich Bonus – Presented to whoever collected the most coins in the game
  • Shopping Bonus – Awarded to the shopaholic who bought the most Items from the Item Shop
  • Sightseer Bonus – Given to the player who walked across the most amount of spaces in the game
  • Slowpoke Bonus – In opposition to Sightseer, this one is awarded to whoever traveled the least in the match
  • Unlucky Bonus – Granted to the player who landed on the most amount of Red Spaces

Bonus Stars can really turn the tide of a game. I wonder which ones you’ll get?” – Koopa Troopa

If you’re not a fan of the revamped Bonus Stars in this title, you can always toggle the Classic option. This will only include the Rich, Minigame, and Eventful Bonus Stars. Or, you can always switch it off before starting a new game. Remember, these stars are rewarded once the game comes to an end. There’s no need to keep a mental note on which Stars you’ll probably get when the outcome could be on someone else’s side.

Written by Andrew Smith