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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Bottle Caps Location | Where to Find

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Bottle Caps

Getting bottle caps is an excellent way to get stronger in Monster Hunter Stories 2. You can actually trade them for valuable items with Melynx Inc. merchants. When it comes to getting good gear, this is a great alternative to forging. However, you first need to know where to find them.

Where to Find Bottle Caps in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Bottle Caps

In Monster Hunter Stories 2, bottle caps can be found in specific treasure chests located in Everdens, a special kind of Monster Den. They exist in many different locations of the world of Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, but their location is always fixed. One of the things that help players find an Everdens is how its entrances look. Unlike the typical caves of a den, the special ones always have huge stones in front of their entrance. In them, you can find the red treasure chests that contain what you are looking for.

While searching for bottle caps, there is a really easy way to find Everdeens if you have the proper Monstie for the job. By using a riding action called Nest Search, all sorts of dens will appear on your map. You still have to go to them and check their entrance to know if it is an Everden or not, but it will make the chore much simpler and faster. Once you find the place, just go in, search for the right chests, and collect all the bottle caps that you can find!

The cats will gladly take this seemingly useless currency in exchange for new hairstyles, unique weapons, Monstie stable upgrades, armors, and so many other things. Although there are ways to get bottle caps through quests, it won’t be as effective as farming those unique dens. Learning where to get what the cats want works better.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is available on PC and Switch. For more about the game or the franchise, make sure to check our guides:

Written by Andrew Smith