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Multiversus | How to Exit Offline Mode

For some players who are ready to dive into MultiVersus, they might be encountering some issues. One of the big problems during the open beta phase is the apparent offline mode situation. Basically, while offline, you won’t be able to play online, and there’s no crystal clear way of fixing this. Obviously, since the game is in open beta, nothing will be perfect. Even then, there’s a way to remedy this offline mode issue, and it’s probably not what you expect. To see how you can essentially exit offline mode, we’ve put together this brief guide for your needs.

How to Exit Offline Mode in MultiVersus

MultiVersus How to Exit Offline Mode

If you’ve set your age to anything younger than 18, you’re completely restricted from online play. To exit offline mode in Multiversus, you’ll need to go into the game’s files in order to reconfigure the age setting. It’s not too complicated, so we’ll walk you through it with these easy steps:

  1. Go to the Windows search bar, type “%appdata%” then enter.
  2. Exit the Roaming folder by clicking on AppData in the URL.
  3. Select the Local folder.
  4. Find the MultiVersus folder then click on it.
  5. Enter the Saved folder.
  6. Finally, delete the “SaveGames” folder.

Performing these steps ultimately erases your saved files, prompting you to start over again. When MultiVersus asks you for your age, be sure to select 18 or any of the older ages. This seems to be the perfect fix for PC players; console fighters might have to wait a little longer since WB Games accounts are linked to the platforms, unfortunately.

Of course, this isn’t the number one answer to exiting offline mode. With so many players addressing complaints about this offline mode “bug”, we have some hope that WB Games will make some adjustments. The game features famous characters dueling it out on cartoon platforms, so we’d be surprised if something didn’t change.

Still, the game is still working out its quirks and tweaks for its open beta sessions. There’s no doubt that some polishing will be in order, but we’d love to see the option to either play online or offline. Battling against bots can only entertain for so long before they’re ready to show off their skills to other players.

Written by Andrew Smith