How to Get Sand Hat in My Time at Sandrock

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Boy, it sure does get incredibly sandy in and around town in My Time at Sandrock. The powerful winds and dusty particles are enough to hinder any player’s movement unless they have the fashionable Sand Hat to protect them. This article of clothing may not be the most sought-after item for Sandrock citizens, yet it’s nevertheless imperative.

Luckily, players can acquire a Sand Hat particularly early in My Time at Sandrock, with a recipe to follow for future hat creations. It’s simple, and players only need to interact with a specific NPC to get their hands on the hat in question.

How to Get Sand Hat in My Time at Sandrock

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The Sand Hat is given to the player by Pen in My Time at Sandrock when the first sandstorm passes through town. Pen informs the player of “countless granules of sand being mercilessly tossed about!” which translates to a sandstorm. Specifically, he provides the player with Sandgear to aid them in resisting the winds and sand.

Pen gives you your first Sand Hat; any subsequent hats are produced via a Tailoring Machine. To generate a new one, you’ll need the following items:

  • Basic Leather (x3)
  • Pigment (x2)
  • Rough Cloth (x3)

According to its base stats, it’s a level 5 item, offering a +1 in Defense and +4 in Stamina (or Ability Power if you’re looking for something more old-school). Moreover, your character must be at least level 2 to equip the hat. They can slot it into the Headwear box in the Character menu if they are enhanced enough to wear it. Max stats (at level 15) show a +4 in Defense and a +7 in Stamina. This is feasible with the power of a Refiner and some Lapis Lazuli, so you might have to grind a bit to upgrade the piece of protective gear.

Expert Tip

Upon equipping the hat, you’ll notice that your character doesn’t struggle traversing through the sandstorm, no longer needing to shield themselves from the fierce winds. However, having no Sand Hat equipped may result in items getting lost in the wind. Be cautious as you venture outdoors when a sandstorm is present.

What to Do with Sand Hat

My Time at Sandrock Sand Hat Clothing
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In addition to equipping the Sand Hat for your character to protect themselves from sandstorms, players can sell it to a store. It costs 83 Gols, and you can trade it at just about any store in the town. The Commerce Guild Store, Mi-ni Botanica, Squeeze the Day, and others are a consideration.

Alternatively, you can offer it as a gift to the citizens of Sandrock. While trading in the hat isn’t the most profitable option, two citizens would appreciate it as a gift in My Time at Sandrock. Sandy seems to love it, and Trudy can certainly appreciate it. Everyone else in town is relatively impartial to it. You won’t have much luck with it elsewhere, yet Catori’s Museum will accept it as a Small Item. Players will receive 12 Reputation Points for their generous donation.

The Sand Hat isn’t your only choice for protective gear in a sandstorm. A set of Sandgear is another option, and it’s also produced through a Tailoring Machine. Keep this one in mind if you are looking to switch up your fashion in My Time at Sandrock.


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