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NBA 2K20 Cap Breaker | How to improve your MyPlayer rating

NBA 2K20 Cap Breaker

Anyone who has been around the NBA 2K series for some time is likely familiar with the grind that is required to level up their player. When you first start out with your MyPlayer, you have an abysmal rating and can hardly do anything. However, after time, your MyPlayer overall rating begins to increase and you become the star of the show. This grind is often referred to as cap breaking, so here is everything you need to know about the NBA 2K20 cap breaker grind.

NBA 2K20 Cap Breaker | How to Increase your OVR Rating

NBA 2K20 Cap Breaker

To improve your overall rating in NBA 2K20, you’ll need to earn MyPoints to fill up your cap, once it is full, it’ll “break” and your overall rating will increase. As your rating improves, you’ll need to fill up multiple caps in order to increase your rating. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell how many times you’ll need to fill the bar up, but it’s safe to assume that the higher OVR rating you have, the more times you’ll need to fill up your NBA 2K20 cap breaker.

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As with most sports games, there is in game currency that can be purchased with real money which players can use to increase their rating. The same is true with NBA 2K20. 

If you’ve got some extra money lying around, you can purchase VC, the in game currency, to automatically level your player up. You can repeat this process until your OVR rating reaches 85. Once you’ve reached that point, you’ll have to earn xp to continue to increase your OVR rating.

We don’t have the exact number of VC that you’ll need to make the jump from 60 to 85, but it’s somewhere around 200,000 VC, which will cost you about $50. If you pre-ordered any of the special versions of NBA 2K20, then you should already have a handful of VC at your disposal. However, once you reach an OVR rating of 85, you’ll have to go back to the NBA 2K20 cap breaker grind.


Written by Andrew Smith