New Indie Games Releasing This Week

New Indie Releases

Our spotlight of new indie games released this week highlights the best from indie gaming.

We’ve hit the halfway point of April, but the new releases don’t stop coming. Here are the titles making their debuts this week. 

April 15


Perish golden splendor
Image Credit: ITEM42.

Already out on Steam, this gold-digging FPS from ITEM42 is making its way to consoles. Play alone or with up to three friends to slay hordes of gold-dipped creatures in the black-sanded land of Purgatory. Sell their precious corpses to creepy priests and try to gain entrance to Elysium, out on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


Scheming Through the Zombie Apocalypse EP2: Caged

Scheming Through the Zombie Apocalypse EP2 Caged
Image Credit: Entertainment Forge.

The second chapter of the positively received episodic zombie survival game from Entertainment Forge is finally here. The initial installment was released way back in 2018. Hank and Larry are a couple of defenseless animals trying to scheme and manipulate their way through the apocalypse. Use tactics, carefully consider your choices, and barter for resources on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.


Dream Tactics

Dream Tactics guard pillow
Image Credit: Spectra Entertainment Inc.

Tactical RPG meets card battler in this new release from Spectra Entertainment Inc. The Dream World is in danger from the Dream Eater, and Naru has to assemble a team to ward off the evil. Boasting deep character customization alongside card collection and curation to match your playstyle, it’s up to you to fight the hordes of…pillows on PC and Nintendo Switch.


The Dead Await

The Dead Await camp
Image Credit: Shotx.

Another deck-builder, this time set in the zombie apocalypse, comes from developers Shotx. At the end of the world, lead a caravan of survivors into a frightening new world to rebuild civilization and discover the origins of the zombie outbreak. Traverse the open world, gather supplies, and keep your clan safe and sane on PC in early access.


My Hotel: Echoes of the Past

My Hotel Echoes of the Past lounge

Welcome to hotel ownership in this mysterious management sim from BrainSwapper. As the new hotel owner in the 1950s, it’s up to you to redesign the place, keep it running, and try to avoid the fate of the previous owner, who mysteriously disappeared. Encounter demanding guests and try to avoid becoming entangled in any business that isn’t yours on PC.

April 16

Harold Halibut

Harold Halibut main st
Image Credit: Slow Bros.

A beautifully handcrafted stop-motion narrative adventure from Slow Bros is finally here. Set in a spacecraft submerged under an alien sea for 250 years, you play the titular character Harold Halibut. A laboratory assistant to a scientist trying to relaunch the spacecraft, Harold finds himself on an unexpected journey after a chance encounter. Available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.


Kill It With Fire 2

Kill it with Fire 2 multiversal spider
Image Credit: Casey Donnellan Games LLC

Casey Donnellan Games LLC is bringing back every arachnophobes nightmare in this new sequel. It’s time to murder every spider across the multiverse in this new take on arachnid extermination. If you get bored of using the newest technology to take out the eight-legged freaks, you can play as one instead in the Spider Hunt PvP mode. Scuttling into early access on PC.


BioGun Hepato the Third
Image Credit: Dapper Dog Digital

Embark on a microscopic adventure from Dapper Dog Digital. The entire canine species is threatened with extinction thanks to a new virus, and the only way to stop it is from the inside. Shrink down and get injected into your furry friend to bolster their immune system, fight viruses, help cells, and find a vaccine in early access on PC.

April 17


Kingsgrave over world
Image Credit: Egg or Chicken Games.

This new release from Egg or Chicken Games is inspired by classic Zelda games but with a gloomier atmosphere. Awaken as the sovereign of a land embattled by plague. It’s up to you to travel the ravaged land, collect supplies and skills, and aid your people in a quest to reclaim your realm on PC.

Reigns: Beyond

Reigns Beyond Lord Shark
Image Credit: Nerial.

Another installment of the Reigns franchise has arrived from developer Nerial. This time, use your heavily trained Tinder swiping finger in space as you decide the fate of an intergalactic indie band. Not only do you have to gain band members and manage relationships, but you also have to manage resources and maintain your ship. Blasting off on PC and Nintendo Switch.

April 18

Sker Ritual

Sker Ritual combat
Image credit: Wales Interactive.

A spinoff from the hugely successful Maid of Sker, Wales Interactive is changing the game with this FPS supernatural survival game. Encounter new and familiar horrors while collecting Celtic God powers as the game exits early access. Coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Trackline Express

Trackline Express train attack
Image Credit: Bubblebird Studio

Developers Bubblebird Studio are bringing resource management to the railway in this new management sim. Deal with missing sections of track, barbarian attacks, and natural disasters as you travel across the desert in your tiny choo-choo train. Collect resources and upgrade your engine to protect your passengers on PC.

April 19

Whisker Waters

Whisker Waters sedimopia
Image Credit: Underbite Games.

Jump into this fishing-filled RPG from Underbite Games. Everyone loves a fishing mini-game, but in Whisker Waters, it is the focus. Play as an anthropomorphic cat in a semi-open world and take on quests from other kitties while also upgrading your fishing gear and learning new skills. Coming to Nintendo Switch with releases on PC and PS5 following on April 25.

Ready, Steady, Ship!

Ready Steady Ship co op conveyors
Image Credit: Martynas Cibulis

Grab a friend for this couch co-op chaos from developer Martynas Cibulis. Create, build, and maintain the most efficient conveyor belts in this fast-paced, cooperative puzzle game. Use various tools, upgrades, and equipment to keep the goods flowing and get ready for shipping madness on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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