New Indie Games Releasing This Week

New Indie Releases

Our spotlight of new indie games released this week highlights the best from indie gaming.

It’s a slower start to the month for new indie releases after the powerhouse that was May, but there are still some heavy hitters on the way. There is a new Wholesome Direct to look forward to on June 8, where we can expect some new titles to be announced and updates on wholesome indies in production.

Here’s what’s new this week.

New Indie Games June 4

Rolling Hills: Make Sushi, Make Friends

Rolling Hills
Image Credit: Catch & Release, LLC.

Take on the role of an adorable robot chef in this new release from Catch & Release, LLC. The town of Rolling Hills is looking for a new superstar chef to take over the local sushi restaurant, and you’re just the bot for the job. Level up your skills, learn new recipes, make friends, and decorate your restaurant in this cozy cooking sim. Out on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


Image Credit: Emergo Entertainment.

Explore a serene and magic-filled world in this narrative-rich adventure from Emergo Entertainment. Take a journey and enjoy the breaks as you make friends around the campfire. Talk, trade, and help out your new friends, all while improving your home. Out on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Songs of Silence

Songs of Silence
Image Credit: Chimera Entertainment.

Take on the devouring Silence in this strategy game from Chimera Entertainment. Combine turn-based kingdom management, auto-battling, and hero development with three different factions available. Wrapped up in an art nouveau style, this complex strategy game also features music from Hitoshi Sakimoto. Out on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

New Indie Games June 5

Little Locked Rooms

Little Locked Rooms
Image Credit: riolucci.

Developer riolucci is releasing this unique crime-solving game. Take your magnifying glass and peer inside a series of dioramas to discover clues and solve various crimes. Listen to witness testimony and try to see through the criminals’ tricks to find the truth. Out on PC.

New Indie Games June 6

Autopsy Simulator

Autopsy Simulator
Image credit: Woodland Games.

It’s time to combine horror and real medical science in this simulator from Woodland Games. Made in collaboration with real forensic doctors, this sim combines a horror-tinged narrative and mystery with medically accurate autopsies. Discover the truth behind the death of these people and quiet the uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. Coming to PC.

Blockbuster Inc.

Blockbuster Inc
Image Credit: Super Sly Fox.

Developer Super Sly Fox lets you live your filmmaker dreams in their new release. Build your own movie studio, blot out the competition, and make the films you want to see in this movie-making sim. Build sets, hire stars, and win all the awards. Out on PC.

Chornobyl Liquidators

Chornobyl Liquidators
Image credit: Live Motion Games and Frozen Way.

Developers Live Motion Games and Frozen Way have teamed up to create a realistic take on the devastating effects and cleanup of the 1986 Chornobyl disaster. Play in first person as a responder tasked with cleaning radioactive debris from the site of the disaster. Face tough moral choices and try to survive the radiation exposure. Out on PC.

New Indie Games June 7


Image credit: Inga.

Embark on a surreal journey from developer Inga. Help Van Cat track down his evil uncle in this puzzle game that features turn-based combat. Stop your evil uncle from creating a worldwide cult in this open-world, hand-drawn game. Out in early access on PC.

Star Stuff

Star Stuff
Image Credit: Ánimo Games Studio.

Take on a cosmic responsibility in this puzzle game from Ánimo Games Studio. Combine programming and automation with puzzle solving as the new Star Engineer, Mija. Take on the task of programming the bots in a Star factory as you solve over 150 puzzles and work with your team to bring the sky to life. Out on PC.

New Indie Games June 8

Kamaeru: A Frog Refuge

Image Credit: Humble Reeds.

Create a thriving frog sanctuary in this cute and educational frog-collecting farming sim from Humble Reeds. Restore the wetlands of your childhood and preserve the many species of frogs to be found. Grow and cultivate wild plants, craft produce to sell, and create a happy and furnished environment for your frogs. You can also experiment with frog breeding to unlock variations. Coming to PC.

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