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The Outer Worlds Unique Weapons | Science weapons and more

Outer Worlds Unique Weapons

The Outer Worlds is out and ready to be played, with tons of buzz and intrigue regarding some of the nuances of the game. Like many action-oriented RPGs, The Outer Worlds touts a comprehensive combat system. There are several different classes of weapons to choose from, making galactic shootouts as fun as ever. Here are some of Th Outer Worlds unique weapons, including the currently known Science Weapons. 

The Outer Worlds Unique Weapons, with Extra Science

Outer Worlds Unique Weapons

A game is only as good as its greatest gun, which bodes well for The Outer Worlds. Like any science fiction based game, it’s accompanied by a host of charming and deadly weapons.

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The Outer Worlds truly takes tongue-in-cheek technobabble humor into stride. Look at these Outer Worlds unique weapons and see. 

Phones Welles Shrink Ray

What sci-fi story is complete without a shrink ray? Well, plenty of them, but The Outer Worlds certainly isn’t. This weapon can be found in Phineas’s Orbital Lab, directly on his table. It’s pretty self-explanatory as to what it does; it shrinks people. 

Mind Control Ray

Carrying on with the ray gun theme, the Mind Control Ray is worth some notice. Firing the Mind Control Ray at an enemy will result in them attacking their fellow enemies. Ethical considerations aside, it’s plain neat. The weapon can be found in an abandoned lab in Cascade, right after buying the Datapad quest from Duncan’s shop on Monarch. 

Mandibular Rearranger 

To put it quite simply, the Mandibular Rearranger exists for the sole purpose of rearranging mandibles in a suitable fashion. It messes up faces, and it messes them up well. This macabre little novelty can be found in a safe on the Scylla mining outpost. It’ll become available after purchasing the Datapad quest from Gladys, who’s found aboard the Groundbreaker Ship. 

Written by Andrew Smith