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P.T. Has Been Recreated In Halo Infinite

P.T. Has Been Recreated In Halo Infinite

Though Halo is not known for being a horror series, there are some moments that are considered quite scary. Now, someone’s injected a new sense of terror into the game. By using the tools available in Halo Infinite, a dedicated player has created a map resembling horror project P.T. by Hideo Kojima. Though there have been many creative maps brought forth by players, the level of detail in this recreation is nothing short of impressive. Now those who would feel more comfortable walking through the corridors in regenerating shields and futuristic firearms now have the opportunity to do so and try to conquer their fear.

P.T. Finds A New Home In Halo Infinite

It was a shock when Hideo Kojima parted with Konami, and one of the shift’s biggest casualties was losing P.T. Though it was short and contained experience, the game was meant to act as a precursor to a new Silent Hill game. Still, after all this time, it appears that P.T. remains fresh in the minds of many — including a passionate Halo Infinite player. By using the map-building software included in the game called Forge Mode, the player known as “Death Templer” has recreated the infamous P.T. corridor in its entirety. While there may be no ghost haunting it, the corridor attempts to capture the tone as best as possible.

Like Silent Hill games, P.T. places you in a seemingly quiet situation that slowly builds into something else. From a first-person perspective, you can wander through one long corridor of a house looking around and examining whatever you can see and reach. Depending on what you do, you can experience many strange and disturbing phenomena. The more you go through the corridor, the more things you’ll experience and greater chance you’ll have to run into a vicious ghost seeking new victims. In Halo Infinite, Dark Templer’s P.T. lets you go through in relative safety.

Halo Infinite has opened doors to greater player content by including an improved and expanded Forge Mode. Based on the fact that P.T. can be created in it means there’s potential for even greater creations in the future.

Written by Andrew Smith