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Persona 5 Royal Reaper Flu Farming Trick

Persona 5 Royal Reaper Flu

If you played Persona 5, you may have found an exploit that allowed you to use the flu to farm Reapers. Defeating a Reaper grants an insane amount of experience points and, if you are lucky, a Divine Pillar. This recurring enemy was meant to be a nightmare, but the popular Reaper flu farming trick in the original Persona 5 made him easy to kill. Prompting many to wonder if the Reaper flu trick works in Persona 5 Royal?

Does the Reaper Flu Farming Trick Still Work?

Persona 5 Royal Reaper Flu

Unfortunately, the Reaper flu farming trick does not work in Persona 5 Royal and has been patched out of the game. In the original Persona 5, encountering a Reaper during flu season had a chance of inflicting it with the Despair status. This effectively paralyzed the Reaper for two turns before killing it on the third turn.

Each Reaper has a maxed-out strength score, high defense, immunity to instant-kill spells, 8000HP, and an obscenely high damage potential each turn, you might want whatever help you can get.

It seems Atlas considered this too easy and gave the Reaper enemies in Royal immunity to Despair. Regardless, here are some tips on how to beat a Reaper without the flu farming trick.

First of all, regardless of our advice, the Reaper is a very tough customer, so prepare yourself as best you can.

Reapers only appear in Mementos. To find one, all you have to do is stay entirely still for two minutes. After a while, you will hear clinking chains and soon after a Reaper will appear. When it does, do not attack it. Let it ambush you. Doing so prevents the Reaper from attacking the party multiple times each turn.

Chances are, your best bet for this fight is whatever build works for you already. This is also something that you might not want to do until you are past Level 60. Better yet, acquire the best weapons and armor in the game and ensure that your healer has Mediarahan. However, if you are still having trouble (as well you should) try some of these tips:

  • If you have a Divine Pillar already, equip it. You cannot dodge, but you take half damage — however, the Reaper is unlikely to miss anyhow.
  • Equip Null Drain, Repel, Curse, and Light
  • Use Firm Stance
  • Use Regen 1, 2, and 3
  • Cast Makarakarn ASAP. This traps the Reaper in a cycle of concentrating and casting Megidolaon
  • Whenever the Reaper uses Concentrate, that is your cue to defend

Again, we cannot emphasize enough that this is a tough fight. There are no surefire ways of winning short of maxing out your characters, Personas, and equipment. Even then, though, you may still have a serious rumble on your hands.

That being said, we are rooting for you! Remember: Don’t fear the Reaper.

Written by Andrew Smith