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Phasmophobia Voodoo Doll | What Does it Do?

Voodoo Dolls

Phasmophobia is an ghost hunting co-op game currently available on Steam. As an early access property, there’s not much that’s known for sure about it. As if that’s not enough, because of its spooky elements, some things just… don’t make a lot of sense. One of them is the voodoo doll, a small object that naturally spawns on any map. Because of its constant presence and legendary iconography, it seems like it should do something. So what does the voodoo doll actually do?

What Do Voodoo Dolls Do in Phasmophobia?

The only thing that’s set-in-stone for voodoo dolls is the picture mechanic. By taking a picture of the voodoo doll, you gain interaction points. This means that every map has a guaranteed way to use a camera to gain interaction points. Other than that, the doll doesn’t seem to do anything.

There are some popular theories online about what the doll does: Players say it makes the ghost aggressive towards whoever holds it, it increases the supernatural activity in a room, it decreases the chance that a ouija board fails, etc. However, none of these theories have been proven, either by the community or the developers at Kinetic Games. The extra aggression would make sense, but how do you prove that with AI ghosts?

Because Phasmophobia is still in early access, it is completely possible that a patch might add some extra functionality to the voodoo doll. Maybe there will be a mechanic added that helps us understand what it does. And there’s a chance that the developers might answer questions if they’re asked enough!

However, for now, voodoo dolls are just a good way to guarantee that one photo will get interaction points. Cameras are also great against Phantom ghosts, so consider bringing a few photo cameras if you can.

Written by Andrew Smith