Does Resident Evil Resistance Have Crossplay?

Does Resident Evil Resistance Have Crossplay?

The highly anticipated remake of the third Resident Evil game is slowly reaching its initial release date, and fans can’t wait to play it. Along with the single-player portion of the game, there is also a planned multiplayer mode called Resident Evil Resistance. Naturally, some players are wondering if it will support crossplay. so, here’s what we know about Resident Evil Resistance crossplay?

Will Resident Evil Resistance Have Crossplay?

Does Resident Evil Resistance Have Crossplay?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, it is currently unknown if Resident Evil Resistance will support crossplay. So far, Capcom has been silent on the subject, but the general consensus seems to be that the game will support crossplay at launch, however, that has not been confirmed. There is also the possibility that it could be a feature that will later be added to the game with an update later on.

Resistance was first revealed at the Tokyo Game Show 2019 and was initially thought to be a stand-alone game, but it was later revealed that it was a game mode within the Resident Evil 3 Remake. Resistance’s premise is similar to that of games like Dead by Daylight, wherein four survivors go up against a player-controlled enemy who is trying to prevent their survival.

Resistance plans to shake things up by having players go up against a “Mastermind” who will be able to control zombies and place traps to prevent the survivors from escaping. With an exciting game mode like this, it is no wonder why some would want crossplay to be added to the Resident Evil 3. 

So, if you’ve been wondering if Resident Evil Resistance has crossplay, it looks like you’ll have to wait a little bit longer. We will keep an eye on the subject and will update this guide once more information is available. Resident Evil 3 Remake is set to hit stores on April 3, 2020, with both physical and digital releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.

Written by Andrew Smith