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Skyrim’s Whiterun Is Now In Halo Infinite

Skyrim's Whiterun Is Now In Halo Infinite

Players are capable of many great creative acts beyond gaming skills. Notably, one determined player has brought an entire city from one universe to another. A dedicated modder has managed to recreate the city of Whiterun from The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and placed it in the online sensation Halo Infinite. Fantasy is meeting sci-fi by letting players play and battle through a critical location in one of the biggest RPGs ever released. While they may not necessarily be a massive overlap between Elder Scrolls and Halo players, it’s an impressive feat all the same that introduces a well-known gaming location to a whole other community.

Whiterun In Halo Infinite

In 2012, players get to journey into the magical, dragon-threatened world of Skyrim. Over 10 years later, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim still remains fresh in everyone’s heads. Now, its town of Whiterun can be explored in the more recent Halo Infinite, released in 2021.

According to Gamespot, the credit goes to a creator with the username “Bullet2thehead9”. The Twitter account @Mr_Rebs_ posted a video showcasing the entirety of the creator’s achievement. You can check it out in the embed above. The video showcases all the most recognizable areas of Whiterun, including the central marketplace.

The Elder Scrolls and Halo could be seen as competitors even though their gameplay styles are noticeably different. The former follows a long drawn-out quest as the chosen Dragonborn fights to save the world. The latter follow players in the role of Master Chief or other SPARTAN soldiers as they fight and blast their way through a hostile alien force called the Covenant. They each set their own pace, but that doesn’t mean environments need be so different. The presence of Whiterun could encourage players to slow down and appreciate the sight of a medieval fantasy town in the far more advanced sci-fi future.

Modding is a craft that requires time and dedication, and Bullet2thehead9 has proven they have plenty of both. Thanks to their efforts, all Halo Infinite players can enjoy the new fantastical playground that is the city of Whiterun from The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

Written by Andrew Smith