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Spellbreak Chapters | What are They?

Spellbreak Chapters

As the newest battle royale has dropped onto PC, PS4, Xbox, and Switch, everyone’s wondering where Spellbreak is heading. Like most battle royales, Spellbreak is going to need more content if it wants to survive; our own review noticed that the game needs a little bit more content before it can really get magical. So, to fix that, Proletariat, Inc is implementing Spellbreak Chapters.

What are Chapters in Spellbreak

Chapters are Spellbreak‘s “season” system. For those unaware, seasons are how battle royale games and other online multiplayer games introduce content. Chapters are just another name for this convention of “games as a service.”

According to the design directors of Spellbreak, chapters are based on MMORPGs. That means chapters will introduce “stories of the world and characters of Spellbreak,… quests,… gameplay options with new classes, Gauntlets, Runes, and more.” If you’re not familiar with the genre, is a ton of content compared to some other battle royales.

Further, right now we aren’t even in the Prologue yet, which will be coming in “1-3 months” according to a recent post by Proletariat’s team. Then, a while later, we’ll get “Chapter 1”. The Prologue patch, along with some story about Avira Emberdane, will bring us the 9v9 team deathmatch mode Clash. In addition, we’ll get “Holloween” cosmetics, new 3-point talents, and consumable updates. If Proletariat delivers on these promises, Prologue promises to introduce a ton of content to Spellbreak!

We don’t have much information about Chapter 1, other than story content right now, but it looks like you’re going to try to stop a phenomenon called the Spellstorm. Most of the other information about Chapter 1 is likely going to be revealed after Prologue. That may include balance updates, more talents as games continue, and more.

Because of the story, Spellbreak’s Chapters seem to offer more than most other battle royale’s “seasons.” These promise some single-player content and even new game modes! Hopefully, these will help the game feel a bit more fresh and complete than the initial launch.

Until then, check out the combo system, by far the coolest part of Spellbreak!

Written by Andrew Smith