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Terraria Blood Moon | How to Survive

Terraria Blood Moon - How to Survive

Terraria‘s world events are a fun feature that spices up day-to-day life for players. From pirate raids to Goblin Armies, players will find themselves taking on all manner of enemies intent on raiding their bases. However, one event will send the world into turmoil. It’s one where every animal, monster, and non-human creature descends upon the player’s base. It’s called the Blood Moon, and it is among the most dangerous event you’re likely to encounter. Fortunately, your chance of survival will rise if you follow these tips.

How to Survive the Blood Moon in Terraria

How to Survive the Blood Moon in Terraria

The Blood Moon is a random event that will last an entire night in Terraria. It plays out from 7:30 pm to 4:30 am in-game, and it’s a good reason to keep a clock in your base. The event can be intentionally started by using a Bloody Tear consumable during the night.

When the Blood Moon starts, enemies will begin to spawn near your home. If this is where you house all the NPCs, you’ll have to focus on your fighting ability. Zombies will now be able to open doors, and Bunnies, Goldfish, and Penguins will all be transformed into horrific beasts. You can’t skip a Blood Moon either, as sleeping is disabled throughout the event.

If you want to survive the night, you can always wall up the doors and wait it out. However, some enemies can phase through the walls, making it hard to just wait for the event to be over. Closing all exits to your base can keep out the zombies and other enemies.

However, if you’re wanting to survive and make the most of this horrible situation, you’re going to want to fight. Make sure you have good armor, as some armor has set bonuses. For example, if you’re aiming for a gun build, you might have the Shroomite armor, which enables better-ranged damage, and makes you invisible when standing still.

Some enemies and mobs will only spawn during the Blood Moon. If you attempt to fish during one, you’ll encounter the Dreadnautilus, which can be killed for a consumable bloody tear, which will spawn another Blood Moon event.

Blood Moons are also a good way to make money in the game. They provide not only a difficult challenge but a worthwhile reward if you’re able to survive the night.

Written by Andrew Smith