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The Last of Us Part 2 Double Barrel Shotgun Location

The Last of Us Part 2 Double Barrel Shotgun Location

When playing The Last Of Us Part 2 you might be looking for some powerful weaponry to help you through this intense experience. One of the more powerful weapons in the game is the double barrel shotgun and while you do unlock this weapon throughout The Last Of Us Part 2’s main campaign, you may want it as early as possible to handle those tricky enemies. Here’s some info on The Last of Us Part 2 double barrel shotgun location.

Where to Find the Double Barrel Shotgun in The Last of Us Part 2

The double barrel shotgun isn’t too hard to find in The Last Of Us Part 2, but you do have to know where you’re going. In Seattle Day One, Chapter 28: Hostile Territory, you will find the shotgun in a case behind the counter of a shop in Chinatown. You’ll need to make your way around to get it but once you’re there it’s yours.

In Chinatown you’ll find a series of storefronts that are linked together, you need to enter the last building which is the Red Dragon Bar. Go upstairs to the second floor and take out any clickers that might be around. From there you can jump off the balcony to other stores.

From there you will find a hole in the ground to your left. If you enter this you will find an infected laying in wait for you. Once you’ve taken care of it you will find the double barrel shotgun location behind the shop’s counter and ready for action.

Once you’ve got this shotgun you can take advantage of its unique feature, using incendiary ammo. You need to craft these shells using the training manual that can be found in the forest a little later on. These incendiary shells are amazing against infected enemies, making them burn and constantly lose health – which means that even if you don’t kill them straight away it will potentially stop attacking and buy you time to finish it off for good.

To craft incendiary ammo for your double barrel shotgun in The Last of Us Part 2 you will need to spend one alcohol and one explosive. You can only make one at a time so you will have to upgrade to craft three at a time but the upgrade is worth it.

There are plenty of other weapons for you to get hold of during your time with The Last Of Us Part 2, so you will need to keep an eye out to amass a deadly arsenal of weapons. Additionally, be sure to keep an eye out for some of the hidden Journal Entry locations!

Written by Andrew Smith