The Witcher Remake Under Development By Fool’s Theory

The Witcher Remake Under Development By Fool's Theory

The crew behind The Witcher recently announced loads of new projects, including a project codenamed Canis Majoris. Now we know that the project is a full remake of the original The Witcher video game. Development is underway at Fool’s Theory, a studio comprised of developers known for their support of recognizable titles. Given that The Witcher 3 completely redefined how the series plays, the original one seems frankly outdated in modern times. That’s why it’s perfect for a makeover — and this one will come backed with the power of Unreal Engine 5.

Fool’s Theory And The Witcher Remake

CD Projekt Red released The Witcher in 2007. It was a new kind of fantasy RPG; huge and free-form while still being contained in distinct areas. Still, the game shows its age. And — arguably — most fans of the series likely jumped on board with the success of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The third series entry is remarkably more refined than the first iteration, making the original a bit of a slog.

Still, many players wish to see the first game, and for that, Fool’s Theory will accommodate with a remake. Following the announcement of CD Projekt Red’s all-new Witcher game, this mysterious developer team has codenamed the remake Canis Majoris. According to details on the site for the game, Fool’s Theory will be supervised by members of CD Projekt Red with the intent of recreating the first Witcher game in Unreal Engine 5. Whether it will remain faithful to the original game’s mechanics or overhaul them completely has yet to be revealed.

Fool’s Theory has had a hand in developing other popular titles as well. Most recently, they lent project support to Larian Studios in the creation of the online sci-fi RPG Outriders. They also helped with the highly awaited fantasy sequel Baldur’s Gate III. They fill the support role effectively and reliably, but have also developed their own IP with Seven, a post-post-apocalyptic isometric game.

The Witcher not only started an epic fantasy series, but also helped raise the bar for what modern games should be. Even though the game seems clunky in comparison to those that followed, Fool’s Theory aims to revive its magic. We don’t have any sort of release date at all, but rest assured, fans will be waiting.

Written by Andrew Smith