Warframe Deadlock Protocol Patch Highlights Protea Improvements

Warframe Deadlock Protocol Patch 28 Update

The online sci-fi sensation Warframe, created by Digital Extremes, has recently been patched in extensive detail. Warframe Patch 28 mainly focuses on the content of ‘The Deadlock Protocol,’ an optional single-player mission that was released earlier this year. While a number of the changes are general improvements, many of the Warframe Deadlock Protocol updates have to do with the related skin ‘Protea.’

When the Deadlock Protocol was added to Warframe, it brought Protea along for the ride. The defining feature of Protea is her power to rewind time using an ability called ‘Temporal Anchor:’ The player can lay down a trap and rewind back to that point after a few seconds while leaving an explosion where she once stood.

Based on the rest of her abilities, Protea could be considered a Support unit made to aid squadmates. Her other abilities include ‘Dispensary’ (generates pickups), ‘Blaze Artillery’ (automatic turret), and ‘Grenade Fan’ (explosive and converting shields for allies).

As such, the new Warframe Deadlock Protocol patch has updated these aforementioned abilities to make Protea more effective. The grenades in the Grenade Fan ability have received an increased duration (three seconds) and range (4-5 meters). Individually, the Shield Grenade count has been increased from three to four to accommodate larger squads while Shrapnel Grenades have had their damage increased by 100%.

The Blaze Artillery ability has been updated to have an increased duration of one second while also having its Damage Multiplier doubled to contend with tougher enemies. It will also shoot through Warframe Volt’s Shield, but not be boosted by its effects. Mechanically, the Artillery no longer targets enemies that have been ragdolled.

Protea’s Dispensary ability received a single update making sure that it appears on a player’s mini-map after deployment, while the Temporal Anchor has received a bit more attention. With the new Warframe Deadlock Protocol update, when laying the Anchor, Protea is invulnerable for three seconds to avoid deaths during the animation. It has also received a warning sound that triggers when there are only 1.5 seconds before the ability ends. Finally, a fix has been added making it so the Anchor removes any status effects received during the rewind.

Since she arrived from the Deadlock Protocol, Protea has made quite an impression on the Warframe community. Her diverse abilities and defining rewind mechanic have made her a fun, but buggy character to play. If anything, these patch updates should make her even more popular.

Written by Andrew Smith