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Wasteland 3 New Game Plus | How to Unlock

Wasteland 3 New Game Plus

As players work their way through Wasteland 3 and unlock different skills and weapons, they may begin to wonder if there is a New Game Plus mode that will allow them to restart the game with all of their weapons, perks, and other goodies. After all, RPGs would be much easier if you could start off with overpowered weapons and have every perk and skill you need. So, is there a NG+ mode and if so, how do you unlock it?

Does Wasteland 3 Have New Game Plus?

No, there is not a New Game Plus mode in Wasteland 3 at launch. Of course, it’s always possible that InExile could add this mode with a future update, but as of right now, you’ll have to start from scratch if you plan to begin your journey over once more.

Developers were actually asked about a New Game Plus mode for Wasteland 3 by a fan on Twitter back in 2018 but neglected to give an answer. As you can see below, developers simply stated that it “can’t comment on specific stuff like that right now.” Fast-forward two years later and it seems that developers decided not to give us a New Game Plus mode, at least not right away.

Despite this, there are four different difficulties that players can choose from in Wasteland 3. We’ve detailed each of these modes in the list below.

  • Rookie: This is your standard easy mode and focuses more on the story than defeating enemies
  • Wastelander: This can be considered the normal mode and focuses on both story and combat
  • Ranger: For those that want more of a challenge, this is the hard mode and will scale up enemies and make things a bit more difficult
  • Supreme Jerk: If you’re a veteran of the franchise or simply want a challenge, then the mode is the one for you

Additionally, if you want to get into the nitty-gritty, each of the modes will allow players to mess with a few custom toggles, like friendly-fire and a few others. So, while there isn’t a New Game Plus mode in Wasteland 3, there are still plenty of difficulty levels for those that want a challenge.

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Written by Andrew Smith