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WoW Shadowlands Necroray Egg | Where to Find

necroray egg

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands certainly has the loot potential of previous expansions. You can get lost in trying to find the particular things you want, so we’re here to help! You’ll need to hatch the Necroray Egg if you want to get the Bulbous Necroray, Infested Necroray, and Pestilent Necroray. But the egg can be tricky to find! Thankfully, there’s a few ways that you can claim it, though unfortunately no guaranteed way.

Where to Find the Necroray Egg

The Necroray Egg can be found in the Tribute of the Duty Bound and the Tribute of the Ambitious. These can be farmed from Challenges in Maldraxxus and Training in Maldraxxus. These boxes hold random equipment, items and might hold these eggs… if you’re lucky.

Currently, we do not know the chance of the egg dropping from the Tribute of the Ambitious. The current percentage chance of the Tribute of the Duty Bound is 1.2%, though it is from a sample size of only a few thousand. No matter what, it is a fairly low chance to get this egg!

After you hold this egg for three days, it becomes an Oozing Necroray egg. You can right-click to open that egg to get a mount. The mount is randomly selected from the Bulbous Necroray, the Infested Necroray, and the Pestilent Necroray. So try to keep your egg in your bag until it becomes Oozing to ensure that it evolves correctly. We aren’t sure if this is required, but we like to play it safe when it comes to our extremely rare mount!

We highly suggest that you farm the Tribute of the Duty Bound if you’re looking for specifically this item. While the Tribute of the Ambitious is an easier quest with a chance to drop it, we don’t like how rarely it seems to come up. The Tribute of the Duty Bound at least has a higher chance to appear, and is still fairly easy to farm! It also has a bunch of consumables and things for the Forge of Bonds. So, as long as you’re farming the Tribute, you’re getting some great stuff!

Written by Andrew Smith