10 Reasons Why Recent Summer Blockbusters Are Failing

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Moviegoers used to anticipate the summer blockbuster season, yet the biggest films of the year seem to be failing at the box office. For various reasons, movies don’t seem to make as much money as they used to. 2023 is the exception to this rule, thanks to breakout hits like Barbie and Oppenheimer. But what has happened in past years? 

A recent online discussion examines the reason for this. Here are the top responses. 

We Got Used To Streaming Them From Home

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People realize it’s not worth seeing a movie on opening night when it’ll be available on home streaming services in just a few months. 

Going To The Movies Is Expensive

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On the rare occasion that we can’t wait, it’s easy to drop more money than we realize at the movies. Two tickets for a premiere event, popcorn, drinks, and a snack can easily run you over $50. That’s just for two people, too!

There Are Too Many Movies To Choose From

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On July 21st, moviegoers must choose between two highly anticipated movies: Barbie and Oppenheimer. There’s also If you decide to see Mission Impossible a few weeks beforehand. Thanks to inflation and the rising cost of living, some can only choose one movie from the Summer Blockbuster lineup. 

We’ve Experienced Too Many Bad Movies Recently

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There’s nothing worse than setting time aside to go to the movies, paying money for tickets and snacks, and then realizing you’ve just wasted three hours of your day watching a bad movie. 

We’re Burnt Out From Major Cinematic Events

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It feels like every Summer Blockbuster today is tied to a major cinematic event. It’s the newest entry in a Saga or ties into the Multiverse, or it’s the conclusion to a movie franchise that’s been running for decades. 

Movie Budgets Are Out Of Control

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Even when a hit Blockbuster release is released, they’re not guaranteed to make money. Movie budgets are skyrocketing, meaning that even if you make hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office, you’re not guaranteed to break even. 

The Theatrical Release Window For Movies Is Too Short

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With our dollar not going as far as it used to, we need to space out our movie-going experience. Sadly, that means some people only visit the movies twice a year. By the time you make it to the theater, the movie you’ve been waiting for is already available at home to stream. 

We’re Over The Theater Experience

10 Movies We Walked Out On - It Was a Slap in the Face
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On the rare occasion we make it to the movies, etiquette has dropped significantly. Unfortunately, it’s common for people to have loud conversations or talk on their phones during the movie. 

Movie Marketing Is Non-Existant In Some Cases

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It feels like every week, we hear news about a movie being a box office bomb only to ask ourselves if we’ve ever heard of the film. 

Lack Of Original Content

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Moviegoers have demonstrated that they’ll go to the theater for a unique experience based on original content. However, having to see another film based on an established franchise is turning fans off. 

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