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Grand Theft Auto actors only seem to step into the spotlight briefly before they move on to other projects and duties in life. The popular video game series has seen its share of notable names, along with newer actors who broke into fame once a Rockstar Games title launched. Since then, GTA actors haven’t been included in other projects by Rockstar Games except for a few.

And while GTA actors may move on to other creative gigs, some are relatively quiet or live very different lives compared to the voice acting sessions for a GTA title. That’s why we’re looking at 12 GTA actors with unique lives and careers significantly differing from their time with Rockstar Games.

Scott Maslen as Claude Speed

Scott Maslen Actor
Image Credit (left): Rockstar Games.
Image Credit (right): BBC Studios Productions.

Back before the Grand Theft Auto series transitioned to 3D-rendered projects, Grand Theft Auto 2 (1999) simultaneously released its short film counterpart starring Scott Maslen as a criminal named Claude Speed. In a way, he’s one of the earliest protagonists from the GTA timeline. He’s unrelated to Grand Theft Auto 3‘s (2001) protagonist, Claude, since Maslen’s character is killed at the end of the short film.

Still, Maslen would go on to famously star as Jack Branning in the British soap opera EastEnders. His acting roles as of late are somewhat inactive, for he seems to enjoy his days fishing and spending time with his family. His last video game voice-acting gig was in 2002 for Reign of Fire.

Cynthia Farrell as Catalina

Cynthia Farrell Actor
Image Credit (left): Rockstar Games.
Image Credit (right): Cynthia Farrell.

Cynthia Farrell voiced Catalina for Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004), who toyed with the hearts of Carl “CJ” Johnson and Claude. Farrell would also voice Talia al Ghul in Batman: Dark Tomorrow (2003), though that’s where her video game voice-acting credits end. She’s mainly known for utilizing her voice elsewhere in the media, including audiobooks and music.

As of late, it seems that her online presence has quieted down a bit. Her website is still somewhat active with links to her other works, though the “UPCOMING SHOWS” section hasn’t been updated since December 2022. Her social media presence is mainly dedicated to personal life moments, but her posts don’t usually mention her current projects. Recently, she provided narration for The Honeymoon Crashers by Christina Lauren alongside Deacon Lee, though this information isn’t available on Farrell’s official website.

Philip Michael Thomas

Philip Michael Thomas Actor
Image Credit (left): Rockstar Games.
Image Credit (right): Philip Michael Thomas.

Detective Ricardo Tubbs himself, Philp Michael Thomas starred in both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002) and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (2006) as Lance Vance. While he’s best known for starring alongside Don Johnson on the hit TV 80s show Miami Vice, Philip Michael Thomas would work in other roles. A career that spanned widely from acting and singing to working with psychics. He’s also known for coining the term “EGOT,” which is given to an individual who has received an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, or Tony award.

Nowadays, he’s a retired consultant for other actors striving to achieve their dreams. Being a father of 11 grown children, Thomas is thriving in life, continuing to live life as a vegetarian; he also refrains from drinking alcohol and smoking, not to mention he’s got an active social media presence to boot for fans to keep in touch with him. He seems to be enjoying his retirement altogether.

Young Maylay as Carl “CJ” Johnson

Young Maylay Actor and Rapper
Image Credit (left): Rockstar Games.
Image Credit (right): Young Maylay Instagram.

Christopher Bellard, better known by his rap name Young Maylay, once voiced for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as Carl “CJ” Johnson. Among some of the more notable voice actors to emerge from the 3D universe, Bellard was quite expressive about his disappointing experience with Rockstar Games. And while GTA fans are familiar with his contribution to the open-world series, Young Maylay also has a reputation within the rap industry. He would also go to work in film and television shows, though his role as CJ is his only voice-acting gig in a video game.

Since then, Young Maylay has been more focused on his music, with little to no acting roles as of late. There’s his role as Blakk in the 2023 film Kings of L.A., but that’s his only role from the last five years. Interested fans can check out his social media to see what he’s up to, though we should mention that he did share the theme song from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on his YouTube channel in 2022. It’s released under his record label, Maylaynium Muziq.

Michael Hollick as Niko Bellic

Michael Hollick
Image Credit (left): Rockstar Games.
Image Credit (right): Angela Tsai YouTube.

Rockstar fans will know Michael Hollick for his portrayal of Niko Bellic in Grand Theft Auto 4 (2008). Another one of the GTA actors who had some disagreements with Rockstar Games, Hollick’s history with the developer is a bit rocky, having been an increase in payment once Hollick saw the success of the 2008 game. It was then that his time with Rockstar Games would end. Hollick is also known for providing some voice talent for Homefront (2011) and Dying Light: Cuisine & Cargo (2015), yet that’s where his credits end in terms of video game voice-acting gigs. Additionally, he has appeared in several television shows and theatre productions throughout his career.

Hollick’s career seems to have taken a quiet route, for his most recent contribution to the film and television industry is with the role of Marshall Motivz in the 2019 short film Stop. With an inactive social media presence, it’s safe to assume that Hollick is spending time with his family. He’s married to actress and reporter Angela Tsai, with whom he has two kids; they’ve been married since 2007.

Jason Zumwalt as Roman Bellic

Jason Zumwalt Actor
Image Credit (left): Rockstar Games.
Image Credit (right): Jason Zumwalt Instagram.

Jason Zumwalt famously played Niko’s cousin Roman Bellic in Grand Theft Auto 4, though he has also voiced other characters. During his time as a video game voice actor, Zumwalt would go on to work on a few big-name titles, such as Saint’s Row 2 (2008), Mafia 2 (2010), and Mafia: Definitive Edition (2020). In addition to his Roman Bellic credit, Zumwalt provided some vocal work for the Local Population in Red Dead Redemption (2010) with Rockstar Games.

While Zumwalt may not have a lot of work that fans can check out now, he does provide the opening voiceover for the “Around the NFL” podcast. Right now, he’s enjoying life, posting updates on his social media accounts as he travels and writes.

Vicki Van Tassel as Amanda de Santa

Vicki van Tassel
Image Credit (left): Rockstar Games.
Image Credit (right): Vicki van Tassel.

The problematic Amanda De Santa in Grand Theft Auto 5 (2013) was played by Vicki van Tassel, and it’s her only credited GTA role. Not much is known about the actress, though her official website states she’s a travel host. She also appears to work on Broadway to some extent, yet she seems to keep her life relatively private.

Scour the internet, and GTA fans will find clips of Tassel performing comedy, yet she has no recent official credits within the entertainment industry to report.

The Greg Wilson as JD

The Greg Wilson Actor
Image Credit (left): Rockstar Games.
Image Credit (right): The Comedy Institute.

Gregory Romero Wilson, also known as The Greg Wilson, has been in the comedy business since the 90s, and some GTA fans might remember him as Joseph Daniel “JD” O’Toole from Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (2005). He’s also credited as Imager for the mainline Vice City entry and as Vargas in The Warriors (2005). The Greg Wilson only appears in the 3D universe, yet the comedian kept himself busy with work in film and television.

Nowadays, folks can learn the art of stand-up comedy by checking out The Greg Wilson’s founded academy, The Comedy Institute. The comedian himself is still active with some shows that he appeared in 2023. Notably, he shares bits on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, which he occasionally updates.

Lazlow Jones as Himself

Lazlow Jones Actor
Image Credit (left): Rockstar Games.
Image Credit (right): Lazlow Jones Instagram.

Among the other GTA actors who may have voiced a character or two, Lazlow Jones is known for appearing throughout the GTA timeline. In both the 3D and HD universes, Lazlow essentially plays a fictionalized version of himself while serving as a director, writer, and producer for many GTA titles. Lazlow is one of the only celebrities to appear as himself in the GTA games.

However, Lazlow’s position at Rockstar Games would eventually come to a close in 2020 when he followed Dan Houser to establish Absurd Ventures. At the time of writing, Absurd Ventures does have some projects in the works, with Lazlow serving as an executive producer. He doesn’t seem to be doing much radio work these days, yet his fans can always interact with him on social media, where he posts pictures of his dogs and fun times around the globe.

Coolie Ranx as Little Jacob

Coolie Ranx Actor
Image Credit (left): Rockstar Games.
Image Credit (right): Coolie Ranx Instagram.

Coolie Ranx, born Obiajula Ugbomah, helped players out in Liberty City as Little Jacob Hughes in Grand Theft Auto 4. Little Jacob is arguably one of the most popular characters from the 2008 GTA title, though he doesn’t appear elsewhere. As it turns out, Coolie Ranx is a ska and reggae music artist, and he focused on his music throughout the last few decades. For reference, he’s known for being a part of the third-wave ska bands The Toasters and Pilfers.

Coolie Ranx is yet another GTA actor who has kept his social media presence active. His Instagram, in particular, is home to stories and posts of events he’s attended, family, and other moments in life. On his socials, he mentions in his bio that he is the voice of Little Jacob; he doesn’t have any other acting credits, at least according to IMDB.

Scott Hill as Johnny Klebitz

Scott Hill Actor
Image Credit (left): Rockstar Games.
Image Credit (right): Erica Hill Studio.

Out of all of the GTA actors who have played protagonists, Scott Hill is among the more enigmatic examples of someone who has lived a very different life. Scott Hill played Johnny Klebitz in GTA 4 and GTA 5, and it’s his only acting gig. On record, he’s a musician and an artist, showcasing both skills in his Styling The Past documentary that was released in 2012 on Vimeo.

As of recent, he was credited for being the art director for the 2020 horror film Dreamkatcher, and that’s where the news stops. One can only assume that he’s enjoying life alone or with his family and friends. With no social media accounts to refer to, GTA fans have no way of knowing what the real-life Johnny Klebitz is up to these days.

Dorian Missick as Victor Vance

Dorian Missick
Image Credit (left): Rockstar Games.
Image Credit (right): Metro US.

Dorian Missick is a successful working actor who voiced Victor “Vic” Vance in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (2006). His only other voice-acting credit in video games is for Crime Life: Gang Wars (2005), though his career is mainly comprised of multiple films and TV shows. He’s also married to Simone Missick, who famously portrayed Detective Misty Knight in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Missick is busy with acting work to complement his music-related side gig as a disc jockey. He’s known alternatively as DJ Tailwind Turner; his Instagram occasionally shows him at the turntables, bringing energetic life into parties.

Of course, there are other GTA actors that we could’ve mentioned, though some live incredibly private lives that fans won’t know what they’ve been up to as of late. What other GTA actors can you think of? Did we miss any?


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