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7 Days to Die Bicycle | How to Get

7 Days to Die Bicycle - How to Get

The map in 7 Days to Die is pretty big, and consequently takes a lot of time to cover on foot when you’re first starting out. That’s why you’ll want to get your hands on a set of wheels as soon as possible. Most vehicles in the game, such as cars and helicopters, are meant for the late-game, as they’re pretty difficult to acquire. Instead, your best bet for a set of wheels early on is a bicycle. It’s still a bit of a process to craft, but it’s well worth the effort. So if you’re curious about how to get a bicycle, read on to find out!

How to Get a Bicycle in 7 Days to Die

How to Get a Bicycle in 7 Days to Die

The first step to getting a bicycle in 7 Days to Die is to unlock the crafting for it. To do that, you need to add a skill point to Grease Monkey – Bicycle Mechanic, under the Intellect section. Once you’ve done that, you can begin acquiring the parts to make your bike. The parts you’ll need are two Wheels, one Mechanical part, and a Bicycle Chassis and Handlebars. While you can find all of these parts, they can be quite rare. It may be better to craft them yourself.

To make a Bicycle Chassis, you’ll need two of each of these items: Forged Iron, Mechanical Parts, Duct Tape, Leather, and Springs. From there, you can craft the chassis at the workbench. Next, you’ll need Handlebars, which you can make with two pieces of Duct Tape, two Leather, one Mechanical Part, six Short Iron Pipes, and two Springs. All that’s left are two bike tires, which are a bit costly to craft, so it’s better if you can find them.

Nonetheless, you can craft a single bike tire with two Forged Iron, 16 Scrap Polymers, two Oil, 10 Coils, and one Bottle of Acid. What the Bottle of Acid is meant for we’re not exactly sure. That’s why you may have better luck finding the bike tires by scavenging around towns. Nonetheless, once you have all the parts you can craft your bicycle at the workbench and begin exploring deeper into the map. Not to mention, doing so much quicker than by foot.

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Written by Andrew Smith