Action Roguelite Neon Abyss is Out Now

Neon Abyss Out Now

Neon Abyss, the new action game by Team 17 and Veewo Games has launched today, and it is available for players on PC and all current-generation platforms.

In Neon Abyss, players explore procedurally generated dungeons and face off against the New Gods. These characters — unlike their usual mythological counterparts — do not rule over things like war, oceans, or thunder. Instead, these New Gods are creatures who originated from various fascinations that humans can encounter in everyday life, such as fast food, mobile video, and plushies.

One unique feature about Neon Abyss is that it features gameplay elements that change depending on what skills the player selects on the character’s skill tree. This mechanic causes the map layout, the enemies that players encounter, and their locations to differ, which ensures that no two gameplays are alike. Further, the skills players choose can help them explore a different environment with new rooms, bosses, secrets, and minions with varying fighting styles. Additionally, players can even discover new conclusions about their adventure with each playthrough.

Neon Abyss features over four hundred items that players will come across during their quest. These items offer them various effects that can aid them through their journey. All item effects can be stacked or combined, so players can experiment with the different options available until they find the one that best suits them for the challenges ahead.

Players can also find special eggs that contain one of the many pets available as support characters. Each one of these pets has a unique ability they can use to help players get out of tough spots and can become stronger and evolve with the more time they spend with players as they conquer enemies in the Abyss.

Lastly, the game contains mini-game rooms scattered across the map. These are fun activities that range from fight clubs to dance competitions and even piano performances, which can mix things up and test players’ skills in a different way.

Neon Abyss is now available on PC (Steam), Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, with demos available on the Nintendo Switch and the PC. Further, players who get the full game during the first week of the game’s launch will also get free access to the upcoming Loveable Rogues DLC.

Written by Andrew Smith