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Among Us | How To Get A Blank Name

Blank Name

Among Us allows you to rename your character whenever you like. Because of this feature, people have found a few ways to confuse the discussion board by using a blank name. While it may not be as funny as naming your character “Yellow” while being a red character, a blank name can certainly make communication much more difficult. How can you get an invisible name? Find out in our guide!

How to Get a Blank Name in Among Us

In order to get a blank name in Among Us, you need to copy the Hangul Filler unicode key (U + 3164, or “ㅤ” — the character is invisible, but it’s between the quotation marks). This character is used to fill between letters in the Korean alphabet, and so it works like a space without being a space. Copy-paste a few of these into your name to have what appears to be a blank name.

You can rename yourself either at the laptop in the waiting room, or when you enter a new game. CTRL+V should allow you to paste the character on a computer, while holding your thumb on the name entry will let you paste on mobile.

That being said, you aren’t going to become an unstoppable imposter with an invisible name. Most players focus on colors anyway, so you’ll likely be referred to by whatever color you have. Still, this is a nice way to keep a huge, white or red name off of your screen. And since you’ll still have a color association, this is basically harmless!

Among Us is the new social deduction game blowing up Twitch. This sci-fi game involves a crew running around a spaceship performing tasks. However, some of the crew are imposters, and are killing them. It’s up to the crew to deduce who is actually the killer before the imposters lower the numbers too much!

Written by Andrew Smith