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Among Us Pets | How to Get Every Pet

Among Us Pets

We know Among Us allows the players to customize their characters in the game by allowing them to equip hats, skins, and their color, but did you know you can also get pets that follow you throughout the match? Well if you didn’t then this is how to get every pet in Among Us.

How to Get Every Pet in Among Us

In order to get pets in Among Us, you will have to purchase them for $2.99 per pet. Pets are available to purchase on all platforms, but unfortunately, the game doesn’t allow your saves to cross over to different platforms — meaning you will have to buy the pets again, so keep that in mind before purchasing.

To purchase a specific pet, you will first have to load up Among Us and wait for the main menu screen to appear. Once loaded, you should see a tiny dollar sign in the bottom right corner of the menu underneath the free play option. When you click it, you should be taken to the in-game store.

Within the store, you should see all the pet bundles that are available for purchase. When you finally pick which pets you want to have by your side while trying to survive the imposter in your games, click the $2.99 button that is found on the bottom left of the screen underneath the preview image as well as the name of the bundle. This should take you to a pay screen confirming your purchase.

After buying your Among Us pet, make sure you equip it before starting up a new game. You can do this by selecting the “customize” option as you go into a match. From there, select the laptop found in the lobby and click on the customize button at the bottom right of the screen. After this, you should see a lot of customization options, click the tab and pick the pets you want to join you.

Now that is it, you have a pet in Among Us. In case you didn’t realize, the pets do more than just follow you around, as every pet has its own unique animation if you’re killed by the imposter. Now we all know how scary and unnerving the game can be at times, especially when you’re a crew-mate — but at least now you have a pet by your side who you know you can trust.

Written by Andrew Smith