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Are There Aliens In Starfield?

Are There Aliens in Starfield?

Are we alone in the universe? Well, despite what recent news events may have you thinking, it’s a question we all want to answer for ourselves as we look out for aliens in Starfield. Since this game takes place in the 26th century, humanity has had a long time to spread across the galaxy and other parts of the universe. They’ve had to endure new kinds of environments, gravity, and atmospheric conditions to establish societies on alien worlds. However, if these worlds are made in such a way that they can support human life, it stands to reason that they can support other types of life too. However, the simple question remains: Are there aliens in Starfield?

Sentient Aliens in Starfield

Much like the Dwemer in the Elder Scrolls series, the idea of intelligent alien races in Starfield is hinted at in a way that creates a mystery. Your first major clue that there are other far more advanced beings in the universe is the main quest.

The inciting incident involves you getting your hands on a floating artifact of unusual design, material, and energy. It’s soon revealed to be just one of several and they automatically assemble into an unusual formation when brought together. As you set off across space to gather more of the artifacts, the sense that you’re just a small part of something bigger involving beings beyond comprehension continues to grow.

While it’s left up to interpretation what the purpose or appearance of these beings is, they are most commonly referred to as the Creators. This was a term coined by a small group of altered human beings calling themselves the Starborn. Through their experiences, the Starborn believe that no humans should possess all of the Artifacts due to the immense amount of power they share. Although the Starborn are still technically human, their DNA has been transformed by interacting with universal forces and granting them supernatural abilities. For now, the Creators remain the biggest mystery.

Non-Sentient Aliens in Starfield

While humans may not have had to deal with confronting huge civilizations when settling on new worlds, that doesn’t mean that there weren’t other organic threats. In addition to plant life that proved dangerous to humans, there were also animal-like alien species that proved to be hostile towards them.

One of the most common that appears to span multiple worlds is the Heat Leech, which looks like a combination between a worm and a silverfish. They’re about the size of a small dog and as the name implies, they hunt based on heat and will seek heat sources for shelter. As a result, they can often be found near facilities and machinery that generate a lot of heat, with many humans treating them as they would treat other pests like rats. You can harvest nutrients from their bodies if needed.

Of course, there are also larger and more dangerous aliens like the Kreet Stalker. This creature towers slightly above the height of an average adult human. They have an insect-like appearance a tall towering exoskeleton on top of an arachnid-like base. They’ll idly wander around the planet or moon’s surface but if they detect you, they’ll attack. Kreet Stalkers can be quite aggressive and resilient, but with consistent strikes, you can take them down easily and can harvest their Tissue.

There are also some harmless alien species that couldn’t care less that you’re wandering into their space. A notable and common one are those simply called Trilobites which bear a striking resemblance to the extinct marine creature of the same name. Despite this, they’re not typically found near water, being able to survive in barren environments with little flora to feed on. They’ll mostly ignore your presence, but if you decide to hunt a few, you can gather some Neodynium and nutrients from their shells.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Starborn aliens?

Although the Starborn members are few and extremely enigmatic (the Hunter being a prime example), they are human at a base level. However, they have experienced a phenomenon known as the Unity which has granted them the ability to travel between different dimensions. Because of these events, they have gained some insight into the Artifacts and believe that humans should not possess such power. Based on the decisions that you make, your character can have a chance to join the Starborn.

Written by Andrew Smith