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Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Galloglaich Armor Set Location Guide

Galloglaich Armor set

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla has us take part in massive battles allowing us to find and wear all sorts of armor sets, and the Galloglaich Armor set is probably one of the hardest to find. Lucky for you and all the others who are looking for this rare set, you have come to the right place. As in this guide we will show you where to find Galloglaich Armour set in Assassins Creed: Valhalla. 

Where to Find the Galloglaich Armor Set

The Galloglaich Armor set can be found in Lincolnscire and Essexe. It’s mostly meant for the players who like to fight their enemies at a close range, but can also be used for other fighting styles. There are a total of five pieces in teh Galloglaich Armor set.

  • Galloglach Cape
  • Galloglach Helm
  • Galloglach Bracers
  • Galloglach Trousers
  • Galloglach Armor

Below, we will break down where to find all of the pieces in the set.

Galloglach Cape

To locate the Galloglach Cape you must head to the Brentwood Outpost in Essexe. You’ll need to look for a small storage like house with a chest inside. Use Odin’s Sight once inside to locate the key and use it to get inside the chest. Be warned though, this Outpost is full of enemies. I would suggest leveling up to a significant level before thinking about going after this piece.

Galloglach Helm

Similarly, the Galloglach Helm can be found at the Halstead Outpost in Essexe. You’ll need to look for a metal drainage grate on the ground in the town. Use Odin’s Sight to reveal a lock that you can shoot with an arrow to open it up. Drop down and you’ll find the Helm inside a chest.

Galloglach Bracers

The Galloglach Bracers can be found inside of a chest in Lincolnscire, which is located in one of the buildings found in the center of town. There are also enemies here but it is less fortified than the capes.

Galloglach Trousers

You will need to head to Bolingbroc Castle in Lincolnscireto find the Galloglach Trousers. These trousers can be found inside of a chest in the castle’s second courtyard.

Galloglach Armor

Finally, the Galloglach Armor can be found in the Spalding Bandit Lair located in Lincolnscire. Once you have reached the town look for a chest inside of a hut. It’ll be locked, so you’ll need to search for another way in. Luckily there is an underground passage near this hut that you can use to climb inside and gain access.

With the Galloglach Armor set in hand, you are ready to brawl! While you are here why not check out some of our other guides on Assassins Creed: Valhalla?

Written by Andrew Smith