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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Tungsten Ingots Location | Where to Find

Tungsten Ingots

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla has a ton of late-game materials for you to find. The most important ones are Tungsten Ingots. These are what you need to upgrade your weapons and armor to the final tier, and is essential to do endgame missions. So, if you’re having trouble scanning the endgame areas to find these rare resources, we’ll help bring you to them!

Where to Find Tungsten Ingots in AC Valhalla

In order to get Tungsten Ingots, you need to head to high-level areas. The Ingots are marked as Wealth, so check out any gold markers on your compass. The areas that have Tungsten Ingots are Level 190 and beyond, so find the ingot symbols in those areas. These ingots aren’t too hard to find and developers didn’t hide them any more carefully than any other ingots.

Unfortunately, if you want to upgrade all of your favorite weapons and armor, the wealth map won’t be enough. You’ll need more, and that’s fine! Unlock the Hunter’s Hut at your settlement. You can trade hunting resources there for tungsten. Talk to Wallace and Petra to see what resources can be traded for it, and make sure to hunt commonly to ensure you get the resources you need. Vipers especially are important and are relatively rare, being underground. We love how often the hunters trade tungsten for them!

In addition, you can trade fish for this rare material. The Fishing Hut is required here and basically works the same way as the Hunter’s Hut. Get decently high-quality fish, and trade them for the high-level ingot pieces at your leisure. Fishing requires a bit more of a commitment and you can’t just shoot an arrow into the ocean while you’re riding to your next quest, after all.

Once you have tungsten, feel free to get one full armor set and weapon to mythical level, so you can farm dungeons and high level areas with ease.

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Written by Andrew Smith