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Back 4 Blood ZWAT Outfits | How to Unlock

Back 4 Blood ZWAT Outfits - How to Unlock

Cosmetics are some of the coolest aspects of Back 4 Blood, and it’s unfortunate how many of them are randomly found. That said, not all of them are part of supply lines. One of the coolest unlocks that you can get is the ZWAT Outfits. These suits are very close to SWAT uniforms, and so are pretty great cosmetics to have in your toolkit. However, the game does not tell you anything about how to unlock it in the cosmetic screen. How do you get these outfits?

How to Unlock All ZWAT Outfits in Back 4 Blood

How to Unlock All ZWAT Outfits in Back 4 Blood

In order to gain the ZWAT outfits in Back 4 Blood, you must unlock the achievement “Complete all Campaign maps on Nightmare as [the character]”. Once you’ve ran through every map on the hardest difficulty of the game as a single character, you’ll unlock their alternative ZWAT skin. This does not mean you will have to go through the full campaign with the character. You just need to complete every map once, in any order.

Unfortunately, Nightmare mode is far from a piece of cake. You’ll be taking some pretty significant damage – traumatic or otherwise. Cooperation is greatly needed, as bots tend to not be enough to keep you alive. You should probably get into a lobby with your friends once you farmed up cards. At the very least, voice chat is crucial if you want to survive! You’ll also want to farm Campaign cards with the Supply Point system, to make sure you have the decks you’ll need to stay alive. Being able to burn Mutation Zombies quickly, as well as heal some damage, is going to be crucial for going map by map.

Thankfully, this reward is only cosmetic. It’s a great cosmetic, and a sign that you have some experience playing this game on the hardest difficulty. But, you can choose not to grab it until you have a lot of time under your belt.

Unfortunately, if you want everyone’s ZWAT outfit, you’re going to need to play all of the maps eight times, on the hardest difficulty. That’s a lot of time to get all of them! We recommend focusing only on the characters you want most.

Written by Andrew Smith