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Battlefield 2042 Grenade Launcher | How to Use

Battlefield 2042 Grenade Launcher - How to Use

The fights of Battlefield 2042 require quick thinking and quick hands. If you have an attachment on your weapon, you need to know how to use it at a moment’s notice. When you attach a grenade launcher to your gun, it might take a moment to figure out how to use it. This makes sense, because it’s not like shooting your gun normally. If you want to know how to use your underbarrel grenade launcher to the best effect, we can help.

How to Use Grenade Launcher in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 - How to Use Grenade Launcher

In order to use your underbarrel grenade launcher in Battlefield 2042, you need to first make sure you’re using a weapon with one equipped. Once you’re sure you have the right weapon, hit down on the D-pad to use the grenade launcher. On the keyboard, the default control option to use your underbarrel launcher is the X key. You can change either of these options in the “Settings” tab.

The underbarrel has the potential to deal an immense amount of damage. You have very limited ammo, but this ammo will decimate opponents.

The grenade launcher is called the “40mm HE Underbarrel Grenade Launcher.” Unlocking it requires you to defeat 180 enemies with the M5A3 Assault Rifle, which is the weapon you get to attach this to. This add-on covers your assault rifle’s weakness to getting rushed down by multiple enemies. The explosion radius isn’t gigantic, but the damage will be a good incentive for your enemies to get away from you.

Overall, this is an important upgrade for you to farm out if you want to use your assault rifle often. While it is not necessarily the best attachment in every single situation, its an important attachment to have for combats with a lot of enemies. It is not necessarily good for anti-vehicle fights, though. You’ll still want a rocket launcher if you really want to deal with those.

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Written by Andrew Smith