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11 Best Apex Legends Weapons | Guns ranked worst to best

Best Apex Legends Weapons

Apex Legends is a different kind of royale experience filled with a variety of weapons that players can use. While many battle royales have a squad option, Apex Legends makes three-person teams an integral part of the experience. Having the best team with the strongest players isn’t enough to survive though. For that, players need good guns. Here are the weapons to look for and which ones to ignore, as we explore the eleven best Apex Legends weapons. 

There’s bound to be some disagreement with some of the items listed. The guns are ranked with an emphasis towards damage capacity, but also some limited focus on accuracy, ammo availability, and game-play circumstances. Also, guns found only through special drops will be omitted. 

Best Apex Legends Weapons | Guns you might want to avoid

  1. Mozambique 

Mozambique gun Apex Legends

Anybody who’s played a battle royale, or any shooter for that matter, knows that shotguns usually aren’t the way to go. Sure, they boast immense damage close up, but that’s the hard part. Sneaking up to another player is almost always a gamble. Unless it’s early game, and nobody else has any supplies, it’s best to toss the shotgun. 

Apex Legends goes against this trend in some ways, with stronger shotguns that will be mentioned later on, but exemplifies it through the Mozambique. As a shotgun-pistol its entire existence is oxymoronic. A max damage of 135 doesn’t help much either. While not great, this weapon will still get you out of a pinch.

  1. P2020

P2020 gun Apex Legends

It’s honestly a bit of a tossup between the P2020 and Mozambique. They’re both exceedingly low damage, and come from weapon classes that are usually fairly weak. The P2020 does have one good thing going for it though, making it a slightly better gun than the Mozambique. 

Although its damage is 120, it’s being ranked higher due to a greater degree of accuracy. The Mozambique is just sad in that regard, 135 damage spread out. At least with the P2020, every shot actually counts. 

  1. Alternator SMG

Altenator gun Apex Legends

SMGs are great for close-quarters combat, arguably better than shotguns in some respects. Not all SMGs are created equally though. Some of them are simply better than others and all of them are better than the Alternator SMG. 

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There’s many faults to the Alternator SMG. It has the lowest damage of all the SMGs in the game, the smallest magazine size, and the worst DPS and RPM. However, given a small range of choices, you might be forced to give this Apex Legends weapon a chance. 

  1. Triple Take

Triple Take gun Apex Legends

Snipers tend to be hit-or-miss, in every sense of the phrase. The Triple Take is definitely more of a miss. Low default clip size, not a lot of damage, and a reliance on rarer energy ammo leaves it landing a little short. If you’re given the option, you probably won’t want to use this sniper.

  1. Prowler Burst PDW

Prowler gun Apex Legends

A volley of heavy bullets fired quickly at a close range sounds good on paper, but it quickly gets out of hand. The Prowler Burst PDW is the gun version of fitting a square peg into a round hole, heavy bullets being the peg, and an SMG being the hole. 

This 5-round burst weapon has decent damage and magazine size, but it’s simply too unpredictable to be of much use. It has three recoil factors, more than any other gun in the game. Firing too rapidly results in kick, vertical recoil, and a left leaning curve.

Finally, we come to the greatest of the eleven best Apex Legends weapons. Avoiding the previous weapons and focusing on these will up anyone’s game considerably. Here are the guns to look for seek out. 

Six Best Apex Legends Weapons to Pick Up

  1. Longbow DMR

Longbow gun Apex Legends

The Longbow is one of Apex Legends’ better snipers. Overall, its damage isn’t anything too special. Coming in at a 275 overall damage capacity, it’s actually one of the weaker ones, yet still one of the better weapons in the game. 

The Longbow’s redemption comes from two aspects: its ammo type and headshot capacity. It uses a heavy ammo type, meaning it can shoot open doors and skulls alike. For an accurate sniper, the Longbow is a common but useful weapon. 

  1. Devotion LMG

Devotion gun Apex Legends

LMGs are typically clunky and unwieldy, and the Devotion isn’t an exception. It depends on a wind-up mechanism, with its RPM steadily increasing through prolonged fire. The Devotion’s main feature is its exceptional damage. 

This LMG has a damage potential of around 750, higher than any other gun in Apex Legends. The wind-up time can also be skipped with a Turbocharger Hop-Up, making the Devotion a perfect suppressing fire weapon and one of the best weapons in Apex Legends. 

  1. Wingman

Wingman gun Apex Legends

Strangely enough, the Wingman is an exemplary pistol with surprisingly high damage. It has a damage capacity of 270, on par with several heavier guns. Finding this gun right after landing definitely bodes well. 

The Wingman depends on heavy ammo, meaning it can shoot open doors and inflict massive damage. Unlike the Prowler mentioned earlier, it doesn’t have anywhere near as severe a recoil penalty. Expect only vertical recoil from this heavy hitter. 

  1. M600 Spitfire

Spitfire weapon Apex Legends

The Spitfire is another LMG, with damage slightly less damage than that of the Devotion. The Spitfire brings around a 700 damage capacity to the table. So why is it ranked higher than the Devotion?

The M600 Spitfire relies on heavy ammo, unlike the Devotion’s need for energy ammo. Considering there are only three energy ammo weapons in the game, the Devotion can quickly run out. Heavy ammo is scattered aplenty though, making the Spitfire the most viable LMGs that you can pick up.

  1. VK-47 Flatline

Flatline gun Apex Legends

An all around decent weapon, the Flatline takes number 2 for its incredible versatility. As the first and only AR mentioned, it’s one that should definitely be prioritized by players. It takes heavy ammo, and gives out some heavy damage. 

The Flatline has a max RPM of 600, allowing it to mow down opponents with ease. When being used, a diagonal upper left recoil should be kept in mind and compensated for. Furthermore, firing can be toggled between single and automatic. The Flatline is the gun that fits almost every situation. 

  1. Peacekeeper

Best Apex Legends Weapons

Despite being a shotgun, the Peacekeeper is the best of the eleven best Apex Legends weapons. The sheer damage it can deal earns it this place. A whopping 660 damage capacity in a single shot can topple most enemies in one or two hits. Players that find a Peacekeeper just upon landing need to seize it immediately. 

The Peacekeeper’s damage isn’t its only feature though. When fired, the bullet spread is an easily predictable star formation. Throw a precision choke on it, and the spread condenses. With a shotgun bolt, the rate of fire is increased incredibly.

So there it is, the best Apex Legends weapons. Some may have been left out, and special drops certainly were. Did your favorite gun make it to the list? Any disagreements about ranking and placing? Let us know in the comments. 

Written by Andrew Smith